Slime-San: Super Slime Edition Review

Slime-San, ‘Super Slime Edition’ finally makes its way onto PS4 and Xbox One, an 8-Bit, 2D Twitch/Action Platformer that follows the adventure of our little, green, slimy protagonist ‘Slime-San’.

The premise is simple enough, our hero ‘Slime San’, whilst out enjoying a peaceful slime around the forest, gets swallowed by a giant worm (don’t you just hate that when it happens?). Now, our titular hero must jump, dash, bounce and ooze through a series of increasingly tough levels as he tries to escape being digested.



Hailed as the Ultimate Edition of Slime-San, ‘Super Slime Edition’ Comes with no less than all 3 Slime-San campaigns (Slime-san, Slime-san: Blackbird’s Kraken, and Slime-san: Sheeple’s Sequel) Not only that, it comes with additional exclusive levels and features not found in the original base version.



It really is a fabulous amount of content that is going to keep you entertained for ages.


Release Date – 26th June 2018

Developer – Fabraz

Genre – 2D Twitch Platformer

Reviewed on PS4, also available on Xbox One – Original base versions available on Nintendo Switch and PC


Gameplay is fairly straight forward, Slime-san has the ability to jump, bounce, dash, air-dash and ooze through platforms are he tries to avoid being ingested.

Levels are split into 4 stages that usually only take up 1 screen and are designed to be short and sweet (making them perfect for speed runs and high level play). Here you are tasked with simply getting Slime-san to the exit while avoiding hazards with these hazards usually being coloured red. There is also the option of trying to collect an ‘apple’ in each stage (which act as the game’s currency for unlocks) within an allotted time frame before a wall of stomach acid comes across the screen and wipes the player. It sounds simple in theory but as you get to the later levels it really will be a test of a players dexterity, as you try and collect the apple as well as finish within a strict time limit.

Thankfully, Slime-san is blissfully easy to control and players will be delighted with the ‘pixel perfect’ response of the character; something that is absolutely necessary for a game of this nature.


The developer really has nailed that ‘easy to play, hard to master’ game design.


Comparisons are always going to be drawn between Slime-San and platforming stablemates such as Super Meat Boy and 10 Second Ninja. Rightfully so, all are super-hard, 2D twitch platformers that require a certain degree of platforming prowess. Where I think Slime-san excels over the others here, is that the initial difficulty curve seems to be a little more forgiving, with players being gradually introduced to Slime-san’s abilities in the easier, earlier levels.

As well as collecting apples in each stage there is the additional challenge of trying to beat the levels ‘trophy time’. At first, these times will seem absolutely ludicrous! but they will become more realistic as you become accustomed to the gameplay and brilliant level design.

To add another layer of depth to trying to beat these times, players are also able to purchase additional members of Slime-sans family, each having a slightly different play-style. These range from having abilities such as double jump, an additional dash, faster overall speed but can’t stop moving. It will definitely make you think which slime will be best to tackle a particular set of levels for that elusive trophy.


Fans of retro gaming (and some of us older gamers) will feel right at home with the almost ZX Spectrum aesthetic that Slime-san offers. While seemingly basic, Fabraz has managed to pack in oodles of charm while only using a 5 colour palette. The pixelated graphics really do ooze style on the screen, especially with the many NPC’s that act as the games shopkeepers.

The frame rate is, as you would expect from a title such as this, rock solid. Which certainly helps for the more difficult, precision platforming levels. Load times are also virtually non-existent, which is an absolute godsend when your restarting a particularly tough level for the 20th time.


I absolutely adored the sound in Slime-san. Fabraz has done a fantastic job with the quality of bit-tunes on offers. I always find it a measure of good audio when I find myself humming the title music the next day. It really is a pleasure, especially the main title music (Honestly, go back up to that launch trailer and listen to those tunes).


Slime San is an intensely challenging, yet intensely satisfying, 2D twitch platformer. Players will also literally be blown away with the hours of content on offer. Though possibly its only negative is that the difficulty won’t appeal to all.

While comparisons are always going to be made with similar twitch platformers, Slime San does enough with its own unique style and gameplay to warrant its place among those greats. If you’re a fan of difficult, 2D twitch platformers, makes sure Slime-San in on your radar.

Slime-San: Super Slime Edition











  • Masses of Content
  • Pixel Perfect Platforming
  • Great level design
  • Catchy Bit Tune Audio

Not Cool

  • Difficulty wont appeal to all

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