Sir Questionnaire! Review

Sir Questionnaire

Dungeon Diving with Sir Questionnaire

You get a speedy Rogue-lite game when you jump into Sir Questionnaire. With a simple interface and remarkably charming graphics, the game has you progressing through floors of traps, altars, ambushes, mysterious dungeon doors spelunking for loot. With only 75.2 MB at the time of writing, any phone has the room for a great game like this. This review will be done on the iOS version of the game.

Developer: OrangePixel

Created by: Pascal Bestebroer

Apple Store Link – $2.99

Google Play Store – $2.49

Sir Questionnaire Gameplay

The game plays like a really quickfire…questionnaire. After you select your character, unlocked through objectives or other secret ways, you’re thrown in an endless dungeon which has you decide on what to do with every floor. The variety of rooms and surprises seem endless with more streaming in continuously from the extremely friendly devs. When playing you have to take your inventory into account obviously. Giant knight swords will help you physically smash or Mystic rods to magically pewf through the variety of baddies that fill the dungeon.

On your travels, you will also find a plethora of usable items ranging gate keys, demon heads, and even some raw meat. Each item has a use whether it be opening an ominous gate, sacrificing flesh to an unknown god’s alter, or drinking pretty dungeon water with random effects. Take a view through my eyes with an idea of what a quick run through consists of.

Graphically Delicious and Savage Sounds

Oh, the beautiful pixels. The sprites of this game move and bop around with adorable animations that breaths life into them. The backgrounds are not entirely unique but each one is filled with charm and mood. The more animated things like fire and your magic wands are crisp and lend to the overall feeling of the game. The small items are easy to see whether on a tablet or mobile. One great feature is the ability turn the phone horizontally so you can see your inventory and gameplay screen at the same time.

The sound has a surprisingly high quality ominous orchestral soundtrack with chanting vocals. Kind of what you would find in a spectacular remake of, I am aging myself here, Xena. Besides a soundtrack so good it feels misplaced, the sound effects of the game really keep you engaged. Every grunt or breaking of an object is well produced and realistic. Sometimes there is a deep growling voice that announces the current state of the room as you walk in. I have to giggle at it every time because it is just so hilarious, its almost adorable. I can’t put my finger on it but it makes me smile and fills my heart with nostalgia for some reason. My favorite sound effects come from when you try to approach an altar without an offering. You can find that one on your own.

Gathering the details.

All in all, Sir Questionnaire is a game worth its price. For less than a fast food combo, you can get a game that will last you forever. A developer is also a fantastic person that stays in touch with the fans. The game just grows as people tune in so, the potential of waterfalls of new content seems limitless. Keep your eye out for other surprise events or NPC you may run into on your dank dungeon journey. Take a look at this fantastic trailer that really shows off the less obvious features of the game. Exciting!

Sir Questionnaire

Sir Questionnaire










  • Simple Gameplay
  • Great Inventory System
  • Easy to Master
  • No Heavy Story
  • New content added constantly

Not Cool

  • Goals are a bit difficult to achieve

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