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PowerA Nintendo Switch Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock Review

The Nintendo Switch is the hottest gaming console on the market right now. Every time sales numbers are announced a new record is broken. Like the Wii, many companies are jumping on the Switch hype train alongside Nintendo. The resulting products range from accessories to software. One such accessory is the Joy-Con and Pro Controller Charging Dock from PowerA.

Price: £24.99/$29.99

Compatibility: Allows you to charge one Pro Controller and two Joy-con controllers

Made by: PowerA

  • Charges 2 Joy-Con Controllers and 1 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Easy slide-in design connects each Joy-Con
  • USB-C dongle attaches to Pro Controller for quick drop & charge functionality
  • 3 LEDs indicate individual charge status
  • Weighted base with underside USB cable wrap
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo



There are three different variants here. Plain black, a dark version with Breath of the Wild decoration and a red Super Mario version. My favorite is the plain black for a few reasons. Firstly is that it’s very stylish. It blends into a room without standing out at all. Second is that it goes with all the controllers. The Pro controller matches it perfectly, as do the grey Joy-cons. Even the colorful Joy-cons match the black nicely. In terms of the design’s accessibility, it excels. The Joy-cons slide in and out of their ports. A USB dongle plugs into the back of the Pro controller. This means you can simply lay it on the dock to charge and pick it up to play with nothing to plug in or fiddle about with. It really is a beautifully simple and functional design.

Nintendo Switch Pro Charging Dock - Super Mario

Build Quality

Sturdy and functional. The Joy-cons slide in and out of the rails with absolutely no issues. Never do you feel that any of our possessions are at risk. The cable is a little thin which can cause some worries, especially if it is in an area where a hoovers presence is common, Vacuum for Americans. However, there is a cable tidy mechanism on the underside of the product. This makes a big difference. The dongle slides right into the Pro controllers USB-C port. It’s a perfect fit, doesn’t seem so snug that it is causing damage to the controller but you also safely know it’ll never slide out.


Not much new ground to tread in this section. Every feature this product presents is perfectly executed though. The dongle and pick up and play, lay down to charge combination work wonderfully. The ability to charge a second set of Joy-con without having to switch the pairs that are connected to the console is a great convenience. The cable tidy is a really neat addition and a brilliant way to utilize the design of the unit for added value. Three LEDs on top of the unit shows when the controllers are charged.


If you have a Pro controller this is a must have accessory. It really enhances the experience and you’ll get a ton of usage from the unit. Similarly, if you have an extra set of Joy-con it would be a great purchase. Of course, if you only own the Nintendo Switch console there is no value here for you. For multiplayer gamers though it is a brilliant addition to your gaming products.

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This is a brilliant product from PowerA. Even when my Pro controller or extra Joy-con don’t need charge it makes perfect sense for them to sit on the unit and it functions as clean and tidy storage. If you have a Pro controller I thoroughly recommend picking this up, even if you intend to buy one at some point, get this anyway. You won’t regret it!

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock



Build Quality







  • Functions as a Stand
  • Drop & Charge is excellent
  • Cable tidy is a nice touch

Not Cool

  • Only really appeals to Pro controller owners
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