Mon. Apr 1st, 2019

Here’s how to get 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online for FREE

The following promotion requires a Nintendo account linked to a Nintendo Switch system and a Twitch Prime account, which is free if you already have Amazon Prime.


  • Only Nintendo Switch Online users with individual Memberships are eligible for this offer. These users can add the 3-month and 9-month memberships on to their existing membership period. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch Online Family Memberships are not eligible to participate in the campaign.


  • First-time users will no longer be able to claim the Nintendo Switch Online offer after September 24th, 2019. If you claim the first offer before that time, you will be able to claim the additional 9-month membership offer after 60 days if you remain an active Twitch Prime member. 9-month membership offer must be redeemed before January 22nd, 2020.


  • These months will stack with your current subscription, if you had any.


Nintendo Switch owners, it’s your lucky day! Nintendo and Amazon have teamed up to offer everyone 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online for FREE! But… what’s the catch? Well, it just requires some free time and patience, but don’t worry, the process is pretty simple. Just head here and click on ‘claim now‘. That will guarantee you 3 months of Nintendo Switch online for free and will also give you full access to all the benefits that comes with it, including online play, access to classic NES games, and ‘other benefits with Twitch Prime’.


To claim the additional 9 months, you’ll have to wait 60 days after the first claim. You MUST remain an active Twitch Prime member those 60 days in order to be eligible for the additional 9 months.


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Lastly, don’t forget to turn off auto-renew the second you redeem the 3 months code on your Switch.  This option is located in Profile> User Settings> eShop Settings> Nintendo Switch Online.

But hey, don’t go away so fast, hold on a second, here are even better news!

By the time of writing this article, Tetris 99, the weirdest take on the Battle Royale genre, is also currently free for Nintendo Online users! Head here to grab it! Notice this promotion will probably end way before the previously mentioned Online promotion.

Were you eligible? Did you get it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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