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Venom Tennis Racket Twin Pack Review
Featuring Mario Tennis Aces gameplay!

When the Wii was firing on all cylinders and demolishing the competition, a huge part of that success was Nintendo capturing the casual market. The Nintendo Switch has given the company a glorious opportunity to not only recapture this magic but to target the core gaming audience at the same time. Combining accessories like this with games with in depth mechanics such as Mario Tennis Aces is the best way to do this.

So how does this Tennis Racket hold up? Has Venom went down the Wii route and providing plastic rubbish that will clog up your game room? Or is this a fun add on that enhances your overall experience? Let’s find out.

Price: £12.99

Compatibility: Both work with any Joy-Con controller

Made by: Venom


  • Tennis Racket Twin Pack for use with Nintendo Switch
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • Wrist strap for added security during use
  • Quick assembly – simply insert your Joy-Cons and you’re ready to play


The most important category when it comes to accessories like this is design. If the add on can potentially damage your expensive hardware, if it breaks easily or if it isn’t functional then it all adds up to a waste of money/potential. Thankfully Venom has done a top job with the design on this occasion. The Joy-Con slot right in with no issues, it’s never a challenge and you never feel like there is any scratching. The back of the controller has a small hole so you can use your finger to just push the Joy-con out the other side. The fact that either Joy-Con fits either racket is a nice bonus as well. All in all this is a sturdy product that isn’t too big to cause clutter but isn’t too small as to feel silly or unrealistic.

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Build Quality

The controllers actually feel comfortable and well weighted when you use them and the strap is placed so it never gets in your way or flaps about when you have it on your wrist. Again an important part of build quality is that your controllers are comfortable. Venom has done a solid job of protecting your precious possessions here. On more than one occasion while we were playing one of us (my brother and I) full on smacked a solid wooden unit with one of the rackets. These were full force swings as well. Not only was the wood unmarked but the racket was totally unscathed. Considering this happened several times I was very impressed. When you see the included video you’ll understand why we were swinging so ferociously. Considering I’m a 6 ft+ tall guy, the size was exceptionally comfortable. The Joy-Con feel tiny to me and I was expecting the same from the racket. No such problem was found.



One of the racket’s main selling points is the quality of design. The fact that they are so lightweight as to be comfortable to use but still feel exciting to swing and engaging is really an achievement from Venom. The wrist strap is a nice, simple addition carried over from the Wii mote era that ensures there won’t be any moments of stupidity that lead to smashed TVs or sore faces. The total ease of use, just slide the Joy-Con in and out is a total joy that really inspires a pickup and play mentality with no messing around in between.


This is where the product starts to be a bit more disappointing. The racket is only currently compatible with one title, Mario Tennis Aces. However not only is it an absolute blast to play, especially with a friend in doubles, it is 100% Nintendo’s fault that there is not more compatible software yet. The Wii succeeded due to its casual options and Nintendo should be looking to capitalize on that. Mario Tennis Aces is such a great time with the racket, developing a full, more casual Tennis game with this in mind would be a brilliant product.


Venom has served up an Ace with this product. The fantastic design, ease of use and durability all come together to equal something excellent. If Nintendo and third parties can create more software to take advantage of this then it will only enhance the value. I can honestly say that because it’s a twin pack me and brother got more than enough enjoyment from doubles matches alone in Mario Tennis Aces to justify the price. It really is pure fun to jump around swinging these rackets.





Build Quality







  • Pure Fun
  • Brilliant Simple Design
  • Very Sturdy
  • Safe

Not Cool

  • Not a lot of compatibility
Venom Tennis Racket Twin Pack at GAME
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