Articles Battle Royale Featured Multi-platform

Battle Royale: Where it all Began, and Where it’s Headed Next
A deep look into the genre

Deep Roots It’s the year 1997. In the wake of an alternate World War II outcome, Japan rises from the ashes as a fascist state known as the Republic of Greater East Asia. The Republic, while purporting to research military survivalism, methodically instills fear in its citizens by kidnapping a randomly-selected group of high school […]

Articles Battle Royale Featured Multi-platform

Fortnite microtransactions are a total rip off designed to take advantage of consumers while offering little value

Fortnite is huge right now. No matter where you’ll look, you’ll see it. Watching the World Cup Final? Griezmann has scored a penalty and is doing a Fortnite dance. Watching television before work? There’s a mother on chatting about how the game is changing her son’s personality. With news recently breaking that the game has […]

Battle Royale Featured Multi-platform

Fortnite Season 5 announcement and Battle Pass trailers revealed alongside new map, see them here!

After weeks of speculation we finally know what Fortnite’s 5th season will focus on. The announcement trailer shows how real world objects have fallen through the rifts in Fortnite and entered the game world and vice versa! The Battle pass trailer shows off a variety of unlockable items, over 100 are available! Some of those […]

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Exclusive: Sony planning on introducing Cross-Play, name changes and PS Now downloads this fiscal year

If you use the internet you’ll be fully aware of the situation regarding Sony and cross-play. After worldwide sensation Fortnite: Battle Royale came to Nintendo’s hybrid Switch console, the mass media jumped on the story that Sony was the only company blocking cross console play. No matter your feeling on the game, with over 125 […]

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E3 Leak Reveals Upcoming 3rd Party Nintendo Switch Titles
Destructoid seemingly confirms as Legit

To summarize if you can’t read the logos: Dragon Ball FighterZ – read our review here! Fortnite – Nothing is said about Battle Royale though, could this just be the standard campaign PvE mode? Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate – Already confirmed for a Western launch on Switch this year. FIFA 19 – No real shock […]