PS Plus

PS Plus September 2018: It’s your Destiny 2 become a God of War (III)

I put all my effort into the headline. Here’s your PS Plus games for September 2018: Destiny 2 With the huge update hitting this week as well the series’ largest ever expansion; Forsaken, ...[Read More]

PS Plus July games revealed

The PlayStation Blog has revealed that these will be PS Plus subscribers free games from July 3rd: Absolver – PS4 Heavy Rain – PS4 Rayman 3 HD – PS3 Extreme Exorcism – PS3 Spac...[Read More]

June Playstation Plus Titles Revealed: AAA Streak Continues

Today the Playstation Blog announced the Playstation Plus June Lineup. Starting from June 5th subscribers will be able to download: XCOM 2 In XCOM the Earth has been overrun by Aliens. As a member of ...[Read More]

Bloodborne: Beginner’s tips and tricks

With the incredible PS4 exclusive Bloodborne now available to all PS Plus subscribers for free (as of Tuesday March 6th) I thought it would be the perfect time to write a guide to help introduce new p...[Read More]

March Brings Major Games and Major Changes to PS Plus

Major Changes Let’s start this off with the major changes in store for your instant games collection. Starting March 8, 2019, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita titles will no longer be offered ...[Read More]

January 2018 PlayStation Plus Titles

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for January 2018 The PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection has been announced for January 2018. It looks like PlayStation is starting the year off right with some very ...[Read More]

Haven’t tried out the Monster Hunter Worlds Beta yet? This is your last chance.

  Monster Hunter Worlds releases January 26th 2018 and for those lucky people who own a PlayStation 4 you can try it out right now with the beta. All you need is PlayStation Plus and it’s a...[Read More]

PlayStation 4 is Unstoppable

Today Sony announced their engagement numbers along with an updated amount of consoles sold. Let’s just say that with the recent announcement it looks like the only thing that is going to stop t...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus Titles for November 2017

PlayStation has announced the titles for their instant game collection for November 2017. While not as strong of a lineup compared to the previous months, its still a pretty solid offering. Previous m...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus Games October 2017

Most generally it seems PlayStation notoriously waits till the absolute last-minute to announce the next month’s PlayStation Plus offerings. Instead, they announced them today and let me tell yo...[Read More]