The latest Blazing Chrome gameplay will make you explode into pixels

Indies do what Konami don’t!

2019 is here to chew games and kick companies, and there’s plenty of games that prove that. Just take a look at the awesome game from the minds behind Odallus and Oniken to understand what happens when you put passion and effort in your work. It may be short, but you are going to drool more than a Nintendo fan hearing the word “Metroid”:

Called me a biased person, but holy f*cking hell this game looks amazing. Inspired by titles like Contra and Metal Slug, you can tell what this game is about just by looking at the featured image of this article: you run, you shoot things, and you make those things burst into flames. And I couldn’t ask for something greater than that. Also we can see a small easter egg in the form of the small robot that follows our character, which is none other than the protagonist of Moonrider (another game being developed by the same studio).

Blazing Chrome will appear in the first half of 2019 on PC, PS4 and Switch. Hope you like having your skills put into test, because if JoyMasher is famous for something is for being challenging as hell.

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