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DOOM 2016 is an incredible first person shooter. I’d quite happily call it the best FPS of this generation and I don’t think many people could argue against that (maybe Titanfall 2 has a shout). Is DOOM Eternal going to be the bigger, better sequel to that classic FPS? Well if developer ID Software’s new take on the BFG is anything to go by then yes it is…


First things first, everything you loved from 2016 makes a storming return. The shooting remains immensely satisfying, the graphics on the PC build I played were absolutely beautiful and the soundtrack is pulsing and will really get your blood flowing while you gun, rip and tear your way through the enemies in front of you. Certain enemies do make a return but new additions to the Slayer’s gallery of foes are more than welcome.

New enemies mean that you’ll need new ways to tear them down. Does DOOM Eternal provide you with those tools? It does. Immediately. You’re introduced to new mechanics which allow you to effectively choose your own rewards when you take down enemies. Chainsaw? Get some ammo. Use your shoulder mounted flamethrower? Reap those rewards. It’s a really satisfying system that allows you to chain kills and stay stocked in ammo, health and armour. You feel ridiculously powerful as you move from creature to creature absolutely devastating them. There is of course new glory kills and you can target certain body parts on enemies and destroy them. Is that Demon’s arm cannon causing you too much damage? Shoot it off!


It isn’t just about the shooting though. Exploration is important in DOOM and secrets make a return. A big new addition is a climbing mechanic which shakes up the platforming sections. Certain parts of wall can be gripped and climbed when you jump in their direction. It felt pretty awkward in the demo and slowed down sections where I was desperate to get back into the fight. The caveat here is that this was a timed demo so of course I wanted to play through as much as I could and frustration at being slowed down very likely had an affect.

The game still looks absolutely stunning, the Mars area in the demo especially popped. The character models are all ridiculously detailed and the animations are superb. When you get up close and personal to saw an enemy in half it feels and looks visceral and really puts you in the Slayer’s shoes.All in all, DOOM Eternal is shaping up to an ideal sequel that’ll make series’ fans very happy, while also keeping the door well and truly open for those who are hunting a satisfying action title

DOOM Eternal will launch March 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch!

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