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So after their packed conference yesterday, Microsoft was back again today with their latest episode of Inside Xbox. Nearly 2hrs of recaps, news and tid bits of information of the previously announced titles, here is a break down of what was on the show.


World Premier Trailer. The latest from the DayZ developer, Bohemia Interactive, Vigor is set in Norway after nuclear bombs have dropped in Europe. It’s resource management and survival. You can actually choose to leave the combat encounters (which have up to 12 players) to keep all your salvage or you can take everyone on, be the last guy standing and the take everybody’s stuff. Player progression is based on the shelter your creating, so do you risk losing everything you’ve grabbed in a battle to gain more. The choice is yours. The game looks like a highly polished version on the State of Decay 2 engine (it’s not but it does look like it). Definitely worth keeping an eye on. It’s coming to the Xbox Game Preview programme in the Summer.


Rod Ferguson confirmed Kait is the lead protagonist, as it was a natural progression of the story in Gears 4. More varied environments will be used, examples shown in the trailer were the snow and jungle sections. The skiff vehicle is drivable during several points in the game. Gears 5 is using performance capture, which is a first for the series.

Dying Light 2

Each element is being expanded. They have doubled the number of parkour moves available which you’ll need to traverse the more intricate level designs. Combat has also evolved to include mod crafting and environmental weapons too.


Sanhok is a much smaller map, resulting in a more frantic game experience. The winter themed map teased at the end of the trailer will bring in new gameplay tactics associated with snow (seeing footprints I’d guess). The new ballistic shield grants quick cover and can be used to protect several members of a team at once.

Forza Horizon 4

Shared world means everything is synced for all players. It’s all about bringing more players together. Britain is a made up collage of the Scottish highlands, the Lake District, the Welsh valleys, the Cotswolds, and Edinburgh. So like Australia in FH3, it’s not geographically accurate, more if a “best bits” tapestry of the country.

Fast Start

More of the same tech speak from yesterday’s keynote. It’s clever stuff and way over my head so all I can really tell you is; your games will be ready for you to start playing earlier during their installation. It will be included in the June update.

Battlefield V

Grand Operations is now across multiple maps and multiple modes.

Guns have been overhauled. Each weapon has a unique feel so you can learn recoil patterns to use each one more efficiently. The game movement has also been improved including back peddling while laying on the ground and being able to jump through windows to escape.

Phil Spencer Chat

He’s really happy with what was shown, as he should be. Regarding the developer acquisitions and what they are up to, Phil said that the new studios are all in different places of development of with some, like Ninja Theory, being further along than others.

Fallout 76

In the words of Pete Hines from Bethesda “It’s like the Fallout games you’ve played before” but the previously AI controlled NPCs are now all other gamers. The game is very open to the player in a moral aspect. The heroes and villains in the world will be the players, based on their actions.


The beautiful indie space survival sandbox title has been in game preview for what feels like forever but finally launching its 1.0 version in December 2018. The developers were keen to point out that game will still continue to evolve and improve after the launch of 1.0

Devil May Cry 5

A direct sequel, taking place several years after DMC4. Nero has set up his own mobile Demon Hunting Agency. His weaponised robotic arms are called Devil Breakers. The art style was chosen to be more realistic to instantly show the high quality. The game will be playable at Gamescom in August.

Division 2

The Shield programme (starts June 14th) in the original Division game, which is a load of tasks to complete, will unlock little bits of content in Division 2.Raids are being introduced a little after the game launches and they will be for up 8 players.

Sea of Thieves

Confirmed AI Galleons & skeleton crews were seen in the last trailer. Cursed cannonballs will have many crazy effects to the game world and the people in it. Row Boat being added to so you can anchor your ship away from the island then row to the shore. Campaigns will be added with each DLC drop (Cursed Sails in July & Forsaken Shores in September) to showcase the gameplay additions.

Game Pass

Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls Online & The Division confirmed additions which are nice. Then there was a chat with 3 devs about how great they think Gamepass is. To be honest, Gamepass is a bloody bargain so you should definitely give it a go.

Outer Wilds

You are a space archaeologist trying to solve the mysteries of the game. You are caught in a 20min time loop, sending you back to the start, the knowledge you gain is stored but everything else returns to how it was. It’s an open world mystery game and looked really interesting. Oh also you can die but it’s not a worry as the time loop will just bring you back.

And there we go…right, whats next?

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