PlayStation Plus

Sony changes PS Plus Free July Games in the last minute

While you may be thinking that the PlayStation Plus July games had already been announced, Sony came with a last minute change, and those expecting to try PES 2019 would be disappointed.   That...[Read More]

January 2018 PlayStation Plus Titles

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for January 2018 The PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection has been announced for January 2018. It looks like PlayStation is starting the year off right with some very ...[Read More]

Haven’t tried out the Monster Hunter Worlds Beta yet? This is your last chance.

  Monster Hunter Worlds releases January 26th 2018 and for those lucky people who own a PlayStation 4 you can try it out right now with the beta. All you need is PlayStation Plus and it’s a...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus Games October 2017

Most generally it seems PlayStation notoriously waits till the absolute last-minute to announce the next month’s PlayStation Plus offerings. Instead, they announced them today and let me tell yo...[Read More]