2018 Videogame Releases: Multiplatform

Following our article on 2018’s exclusive games coming to each platform, complete with a sprinkle of rumors and all the announced release dates so far, this is the list of every multiplatform title that’ll release in 2018. Of course this is just what we actually know about, anything on this list is subject to change via delays, cancellations or just brand new announcements.

There won’t be a lot of indie games on this, as to highlight each one of them would be next to impossible but I will try to feature some of the larger, more anticipated indie games. Of course every game here won’t be coming to every platform so I’ll make sure and highlight what platform each game is actually going to be playable on. PS = Playstation 4, NS = Nintendo Switch, X1 = Xbox 1 and PC for, believe it or not, PC.


Spring & Summer

We’ll start with the games coming in Spring and Summer that we actually have release dates for. This will be anything releasing or estimated to release before June 30th 2018. Luckily for gamers everywhere 2018 is starting out very strong with a trio of Japanese developed games. First up is Lost Sphear (PS, NS, PC). This a Square Enix developed RPG and a spiritual successor to ‘I am Setsuna’. On the 26th of January two huge franchises release new games with both Dragonball FighterZ(PS, X1, PC) and Monster Hunter: World(PS, X1, PC later) releasing.

Both games have a lot of hype around them and look to shake up the formula of other games in the series. Dragonball returns to a 2D fighting style and it’s the first original Monster Hunter game on home consoles since Tri on Wii nine years ago.

February starts strong for sports fans with EA SPORTS UFC 3(PS, X1) on the 2nd. On February 13th there is a trio of releases with Dynasty Warriors 9(PS, X1, PC), Kingdom Come: Deliverance(PS, X1, PC) and Owlboy(PS, NS, X1). Secret of Mana(PS, Vita, PC), a remake of the classic RPG releases only two days later and ensures anyone still playing a Vita will have at least one great new(ish) game to play this year.

On February 20th Metal Gear Survive(PS, X1, PC) releases. The game has been receiving massive fan backlash so far and it will be interesting to see if quality and sales reflect this. On March 13th is the Devil May Cry HD Collection(PS, X1, PC), which fans are hoping is a precursor to a new entry in the franchise. Attack on Titan 2(All) release on March 20th. Co-op game A Way Out(PS, X1, PC), one of EA’s more interesting IPs releases on March 23rd. The game will include a second copy so that friends have the chance to online co-op together! This is closely followed by the release of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5(PS, X1, PC) on March 27th. Both will likely have some sort of impact on gaming this year, hopefully because they’ll be great. April 13th sees the release of We Happy Few(PS, X1, PC). Originally meant to be Xbox exclusive an multiplayer only, it now will also release on PS4 and include a single player campaign. There’s no solid date yet but in May the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection(All) releases complete with twelve different versions of the fighting game. After this we have no more release dates for the entire year. However don’t panic, we still have plenty of games set for release within certain windows. far_cry_5_last_supper_art_1089.0.jpg

Estimated to be out in Early 2018, or the first 6 months of the year for this articles purpose, we have a lot of massive video games. First up is Red Dead Redemption 2(PS, X1). This will be Rockstar’s first game in 5 years and it’s no shock that fans are hyped. Originally set to release in Fall 2017, the game’s delay has given fans hope that they won’t have to wait too long in 2018 for a release. The Crew 2(PS, X1, PC) is another large game that was originally supposed to release in March 2018 before a delay. The extent of the delay is yet to be detailed, Far Cry 5 was only delayed a month after all so there’s still every chance gamers will be able to race by land, air or sea before June ends. After this we move into some smaller titles. Indies like Runner 3(NS, TBA) or Wargroove(X1, NS)  are expected soon but the developers have been silent. EA’s Fe(All) is an absolutely beautiful adventure game reminiscent of Okami that we hopefully won’t be waiting too long for.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2(PS, X1, PC) should be released very soon. The last two big games are interesting RPG Vampyr(PS, X1, PC) and Dragon Quest Builders 2(PS, NS). Vampyr has already been delayed but will hopefully be close to a release early this year instead of being suffocated in the usually crowded Fall line up.


The Rest

The remainder of 2018 is much less clear. A lot of games are announced but there’s no indication to when their actual release date will be. Jurassic World Evolution(PS, X1, PC) finally brings Dinosaur park management sims back to console this Summer. A duo of Ubisoft titles with Pirate ship combat game Skull and Bones(PS, X1, PC) and the space combat featuring toys to life elements game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas(All) both releasing in Fall this year. Metro Exodus(PS, X1, PC) should arrive at late in 2018 following its absolutely stunning debut on Microsoft’s E3 Stage. Mega Man 11(All) is also due for a late release with more information promised for the summer. Every game after this is simply slated for 2018 so from here on out they’ll be present the simplest way possible, alphabetically!


We start with Ace Combat 7(PS, X1, PC), delayed out of 2017 and featuring PSVR content this dogfight sim will hopefully fly high when it releases. Anthem(PS, X1, PC) is next, EA’s attempt at a Destiny like shared world experience has a lot to prove, I can’t see it releasing this year to be honest. Hopefully the Battlefront 2 scandal has taught the mega publisher something and Bioware’s latest game isn’t plagued by micro transactions. Biomutant(PS, X1, PC) is a fun looking Action RPG from THQ Nordic. The colorful art style and interesting main character piqued a lot of interest when the game was revealed in 2017. Code Vein(PS, X1, PC) is one of my most anticipated games as anyone who read the Soulslike: Rise of a Genre article will be able to attest to. It has been described as ‘Anime Souls’ and will hopefully resonate with fans of Action RPGs when it lands this year. Conan Exiles(PS, X1, PC) should finally launch after a year in early access.

Darksiders 3(PS, X1, PC) releases this year with a new protagonist, Fury, after being revealed in 2017. Fortnite is another early access game that should finally receive a 1.0 release. Kingdom Hearts 3(PS, X1, PC) is another game that like Anthem I am skeptical about it actually releasing. The most recent trailers have looked excellent though and I can’t wait to return to the insane world that Square Enix have built. Soulcalibur VI(PS, X1, PC) is set to release after being revealed at the Video Game Awards in December 2017. Super Meat Boy Forever(All) is set to continue the series’ well known punishing platforming this year. Telltale are serving us up a double helping of excellence with The Wolf Among Us Season 2(TBA but probably all) and the final season of The Walking Dead(also probably all).

Tropico 6(PS, X1, PC) will allow gamers to become an island dictator yet again in 2018 and (PS, X1, PC) finishes the list with it’s unique take on the European wars.


Prepare for more…

You must be shocked when I tell you there’ll definitely be more. It’s already looking like an amazing year, especially for Japanese developed games. However it doesn’t end there. There’s still the annualized sports games and Call of Duty to add in. Battlefield should make its return this year as well. Call of Duty: WW2’s DLC will continue to release, as will the second DLC pack and second year content for Destiny 2. Take a breather while you still can, time will fly while you play all these great games and before you know it E3 2018 will be here. I know I can’t wait and I bet you can’t either!

Sorry if I’ve missed a game you’re passionate about! With so many games to keep track of some have definitely fallen through the cracks. My most anticipated are Monster Hunter: World, Code Vein and Far Cry 5 so far, leave a comment with yours!

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