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Evolve To Be Put To Rest

2k Games and Turtle Rock have decided enough is enough and will switch off the dedicated servers on September 3rd 2018. All ranked modes and Stage 2, the free to play arm of the game, will finish as well as the in game shop so be sure to spend your game currency quickly.

Although you will still be able to play peer to peer in Legacy Evolved, no ranked services will be available.

This is a great shame for a game that when released back in 2015, showed great promise to turn into what was thought to be a classic, and if it had been played out right, the 4v1 concept could’ve taken off.

But alas it looks as though Evolve is destined for the gaming scrapheap. Although it’s not being switched off altogether, it’s only a matter of time before the final nail in the coffin goes in.

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