The Future Of Take-Two

In the ‘Writer Within’ series we discussed microtransactions in level two. You know where I stand on the matter. I explained how we, as gamers, have the power to stop microtransactions from becoming so paramount in our industry. What’s that old saying? Speak with your wallets.

Well, according to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, we have and they’ve heard us loud and clear. According to him, in a conference call, he revealed that microtransactions accounted for forty-two percent of their revenue for the quarter. With this success, it is one… like it or not, now all games going forward will have some sort of microtransactions. Well, he didn’t say microtransactions because that’s a dirty word now because of the negative outcry over them. Instead, he referred to it as “Recurrent customer spending“. That’s rich.


Forty-two percent is the minority when looking at a glance but that percent is bringing them more money than the other fifty-eight. This means games that haven’t had loot boxes, crates, cards, or whatever they name them will be included in future titles like WWE 2K19 and Red Dead Redemption 2. I wouldn’t be surprised if these games were modified to make it all more streamlined and almost look and feel organic that these microtransactions are available. I do not think, when looking at Take-Two, that they will purposely make them requirements like Middle Earth: Shadow Of War or like EA tried to do with Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Take-Two is not to blame for going this route, nor are the developers, but we as gamers are. For those who like microtransactions, the forty-two percent, I hope these games add things they like and they find their enjoyment in it. I say we don’t judge or make any predetermined opinions on this because Take-Two have been seemingly reasonable with the way they implement microtransactions. Remember, the Shark Cards in Grand Theft Auto V is only for multiplayer and its only for equipment already in the game. This in game currency can also be achieved by simply playing the multiplayer and leveling up. Also, their NBA 2K series also makes the in game currency available to unlock without spending money, even tho they did a “VC Backlash“.

What we can see is that microtransactions are not going away anytime soon and we’ll have to just see what happens. Some games will make an effort to earn our money and others will try to take advantage of us. Stay vigilant and let’s look out for one another, as we did with EA.

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