Retro Gaming

Mobile Masterpieces: Virtual Pets

Want to adopt a virtual pet today? I can’t believe what I’m saying but I think I have reached the age where I can say “back in my day”. When I was younger things came in waves ...[Read More]

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Announced For Nintendo Switch

SNK 40th anniversary collection has been announced today at PAX East for Nintendo Switch! Not much was said in terms of how many games were included in total or when this potentially fantastic collect...[Read More]

Sega Genesis Collection Leaked and Release Date Revealed

Via we have details of a new collection of SEGA games headed to current gen platforms this Spring. On May 29th the SEGA Genesis Collection hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One and will include ...[Read More]

To Be Continued… The Sequels I’m Still Waiting For

It’s really quite amazing that some titles just keep on coming year after year, sequel after sequel. From your “update” style sequels for sports games like FIFA and Madden, to your “same franchise, di...[Read More]

Rare Set Sail Again; from Nintendo to Sea of Thieves

In this video I give a brief history of Rare and how they've gone from the creators of Goldeneye OO7 to the soon to be released Sea Of Thieves. Lets dive in and take a look!

Retro Recall – MicroMachines 

Back many moons ago, when life (and pixels) was a lot simpler, I started my journey with gaming. It was when my parents bought me and my two brothers a Sega MegaDrive for Christmas between us, one sys...[Read More]

Retro Recall: The epic journey

Nowadays we live in the power generation, everybody knows that. The video game industry is getting bigger and bigger every second; now it’s all about graphics and performance, (it seems) nothing...[Read More]

Retro Recall: Streets of Rage 2

“One year after the battle…the city that had been plagued with crime and violence was safe and peaceful. However, evil has once again cast its shadow over the city.” Not Shakespeare I grant you but th...[Read More]

About Metroid Prime

I was 10 or 11 years old when I found in my house a cd full of emulators and gba roms. I was playing some games when I discovered Metroid fusion. I didn’t advance too much, but that experience a...[Read More]

13 Xbox Games Enter The Back Compat Library

Starting tomorrow, many Xbox fans will be able to get that nostalgia fix. The first 13 games for the original Xbox enter Backward Compatability! Many people including myself have been wondering in ant...[Read More]

Inside the SNES Classic

  Originally released back in 1991, the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was the best gift many of us have ever received, and a huge upgrade for gamers everywhere. This was bac...[Read More]

What the Ataribox May Be (And What It Isn’t)

Everyone remembers when Atari was king of the hill back in the 70’s and early 80’s. Most will also remember Atari’s epic fall and the Great Video Game Crash of 1983 that it is often ...[Read More]

Original Xbox controller “The Duke” is coming back

Seamus Blackley, also known as the father of Xbox, recently announced on Twitter that the original Xbox controller The Duke is coming back. This is definitely great news for Xbox fans as such nostalgi...[Read More]

Why it’s never too late to rediscover your love for gaming

August 26th, 2017, 05:26 pm 20 Years is long time out of gaming. Sure, you play the odd one on your phone but it’s not like spending a few hours wandering around fantastic virtual landscapes and going...[Read More]