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I can’t believe what I’m saying but I think I have reached the age where I can say “back in my day”. When I was younger things came in waves at my elementary school. Yo-yos was rather a large wave. Pogs & Slammers were also fun little things you could collect, trade, and show off to your friends too. However, there was nothing out there that would compare to the craze that was the handheld virtual pet. Behold these elusive devices!

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After the little gallop through memory lane, I thought I would try to find a similar feeling for these little virtual wonders in the current day. The obvious answer is to go somewhere easy to access and (sometimes) free to play these games. Mobile gaming to the rescue. I decided to do a deep dive and find the most interesting apps where you raise a pet as your own.

My Tamagotchi Forever

I’d like to start with one of the classics. Technically, one of the survivors of the original fleet! Tamagotchi has you grow a little creature of into adulthood. The creatures will vary as you go as will the adult phases. You will keep your creature fed, comfortable, happy. There are also some mini-games to play and a little town to explore and others to befriend. This is a fantastic start with a ton of content.

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Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Virtual Pet Cthulhu

Now you can raise an adorable little impending lord and devour of dimensions from the comfort of sitting on your ass! This Lovecraft inspired baby-god virtual pet needs to be fed and taken care of as usual. There are a bunch of fun mini-games from a micro roguelike dungeon crawl and a cool bridge building mini-game. Check the video for a peek at some of the neat and sometimes difficult gameplay involved. My favorite feature is the “Deep Sleep” that lets you basically freeze progress in the game if you cant check it while at class or work. I’d like to add that I have confirmed with the developer themselves that some major updates should be coming later this year so, now would be a good time to get your tentacles into it.

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Moy 5

Virtual Pet Moy 5!

You hatch what I can only describe as a little gloopy baby blob. There isn’t much in terms of evolution in this little game. However, it makes up for it in cosmetic customization and amount of features. There is some multiplayer involved where you can play along with your friends’ Moys. Nothing out of this world, but it’s a great option to have when you convince (force) your friends to download this game and play along with you. You can also collect cats that merge and even an aquarium with fish you find in the deep blue sea. There is plenty to do in Moy 5. In this clip, you can see but a fraction of what you can do.

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Dogotchi: Virtual Pet, Retro Animal Sim


Puppies! A fantastic game with adorable retro graphics. The depictions are pretty accurate as you can see by the Husky above. The others I will leave as a secret for you to discover on your own. For those that care, you can change the colors of the game to a variety of themes. Each dog has their own set of unique games in order to interact with them. There are loads of content that will unlock with progress. You can also try to raise multiple pets at once. This plays as your usual virtual pet with the key being that the happier your pup is, the faster it grows.

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Retromon virtual pet

Retromon, digital monste- errr…Many of you will find the little sprites and aroma of this game to be MIGHTY familiar. Let’s leave it at that and not bite the hands that feed us now. Also for the naysayers, I know this is a “clone” app, let me live. Retromon virtual pet allows you to raise your adorable little digital monsters just as you would with your other usual apps. You can feed, teach, fight. Yes, online battling kind of fight. There is an option for ranked and unranked. This is probably the best virtual pet out there for more competitive individuals.


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I want more virtual pets!

Yes, I understand. After finding a perfect little buddy to raise, some people get virtual pet fever. I tend to write about things I have personally downloaded and played to ensure the information I am giving you has SOME base. With these details, I compile everything and present to you all. I can’t say everyone would enjoy a virtual pet as much as me, but I do know that regardless of your playstyle, there is always going to be a pet friend compatible with you. Know of any other virtual pet and want to spread the word?

Leave us a comment below with the link to the download 🙂

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