AC: Origins Comparison; Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S

Today is a big day for the Xbox community as a whole. The powerhouse Xbox One X launched to the masses bringing with it True Native 4k gaming and HDR bliss. I was fortunate enough to snag myself a Scorpio edition, allowing me to fully utilize my 4k TV to the best of its ability! Keep in mind that a 4k TV is NOT needed, for the supersampling implemented into the hardware; it will still make any 1080p TV produce the best image available for games on the Xbox One X.

I decided to see the difference between my old Xbox One S vs. the Xbox One X to see how much of a potential difference there was between the two. The Xbox One S does support 4k and HDR, but not at the same level that the new Xbox One X can produce and uphold. I spent quite a few hours already today doing my absolute best to reproduce these images as close to the originals as possible. The images on the left will be from the Xbox One S, before the HDR and Photo mode enhancement patch. The right is from this morning through the Xbox One X. The “S” photos are in 1080p non-HDR, as well as some of them have Photo Mode filters on but not all of them. When they added the Enhancement patch just a few days ago that included the HDR, it changed almost everything in the way of tints, colour palettes, lighting and so on.

Please, keep in mind that when viewing these photos it was very difficult to replicate them and to try and get an exact match. In the end, I hope you enjoy them and relish that 4K HDR beauty that the Xbox One X does produce! Time of day, position, lighting were all taken into factor and I did what I could to reproduce as close as possible. If the images have trouble getting past that “Fuzz” type look, click/tap on the image to view it in all of its glory!

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I hoped you enjoyed these in-game screens! The Xbox One X really improves on graphical quality by a substantial amount, bringing gaming to a whole new level. Did you pick up an Xbox One X today or plan on doing so in the future? What game are you looking forward to playing most on this True 4k machine?

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