Rise of The Tomb Raider and The Power of X

It’s been well documented how many Xbox One X Enhanced games are coming, but for the first time we got to see how well one of the major multiplatform titles stacks up against previous versions of PS4 Pro and PC. There has been fanfare for the release of the “World’s most powerful console” but there has also been the question […]

Xbox One X Enhanced Games List (So Far)

We’re going to chronicle all of the titles that have been announced to be enhanced in some way to take advantage of the power and technology of the Xbox One X. This list started small but has continued to grow rapidly since E3 and we will make an effort to update it as new titles are announced. First a primer […]

ReCore: Gamescom 2017 News

What was ReCore? On September 13, 2016 Microsoft launched a new IP called ReCore. It received average and mixed reviews. Some of the concerns were mostly to performance issues as the game had framerate problems and heavy stuttering. It also had low textures in some areas and long loading screens. The game did receive praises for its great platforming and […]