AM General to sue Activision Blizzard 

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According to official reports on Reuters and spreading like wildfire across social media, AM General are set to sue Activision claiming they have used the likeness of military vehicles such as “Humvee” that they own and manufacture.

It goes on to claim that Activision has made billions of dollars in revenue benefittng from using the likenesses in the game … (yeah they actually mean that too) and the reason that the game is actually so popular (and nothing to do with gameplay then???)

Call of Duty is now the world’s largest game console franchise making $15billion in revenue, according to AM General this is a result of them using their trademark likenesses.

The two parties have been in discussions behind closed doors to try and resolve the issue but as they weren’t able to solve anything, it has now gone to court with AM General seeking compensatory, punitive and triple damages from Activision.

This rather strange case is ongoing hopefully to be resolved soon, keep it here at Loot Gaming and we’ll keep you up to date with the case. Leaves your comments below on this case and let us know your thoughts!