The Loot Gaming E3 Wish List 2018

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,
As gamers keep peaking
at secrets still leaking, the day’s drawing near,
E3’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Who knew Andy Williams was such a huge fan of video games? Yes, here we are again, approaching the true “Holiday Season” for gamers everywhere; E3. A place where console manufacturers and software developers gather round to present their fans with the greatest gift of all, brand new gaming announcements! As has now become the custom, the closer we get to the big event the more we hear rumors and see supposedly leaked reports of what will be shown. Some of these turn out to be genuine, like the entire running order of Microsoft’s 2016 keynote (which leaked online mere moments before the show was due to begin…ouch), but most are simply a wish list put together by a fan with no factual basis to them. It’s understandable, we all have those game related dreams we hope will one day become a reality and at E3, occasionally, they do. How many E3 wishes came true on the Sony stage in 2015? Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last Guardian’s revival and Shenmue 3 ticked boxes on a lot of gamers “if only” E3 lists.

Now it’s our turn. The rules were simple, each The Loot Gaming team member was asked to come up with three announcements they would love to hear at E3. Then they get an additional “in a perfect world” prediction. These are the “I know it’s never going to happen but how awesome would it be?” type of things that would make the gaming world stop and collectively say “HOLY S#*T!”, like The Valve Holy Trinity Collection (that’s Half Life 3, Portal 3 & Left 4 Dead 3 for our younger readers).

There’s no insider knowledge going on here so if any of these things actually do happen it will be one hell of a coincidence. So, without further ado, I present…

The Loot Gaming E3 Wish List 2018

1. Until Dawn 2 – I would love to see Supermassive Games back on the Sony stage to announce a sequel to Until Dawn. Not another VR prequel/sequel/spin-off either. No, I’d love a new location with new characters but the same great “make your own horror movie” gameplay.
2. SNES Mini & NES Mini Collections on Switch –In a similar way to Sega’s recently released Genesis Classics Collection on PS4 & XboxOne, I want Nintendo to re-release the NES and SNES compilations that came with the mini consoles on the Switch. The system still has no “Virtual Console” so being able to pick up those retro collections would be a great alternative.
3. Xbox One IP Sequels – Microsoft coming out and showing they no longer want to be a system known only for Halo, Gears & Forza by showing faith in their newer exclusives and announcing sequels to Ryse, ReCore, Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive. Okay, the originals may not have set sales records but each has a strong base that could be built upon and lead to an awesome follow up.

Perfect World Prediction
4. GoldenEye Remastered – With all the Microsoft/Nintendo love going on at the moment with crossplay and even Xbox achievements being added to Minecraft on Switch, it would be truly amazing to hear that the red tape has finally been cut and the true remastered version of GoldenEye (which Rare has already done work on) is finally coming and, even better, will feature crossplay between Xbox One & Switch.

Adam Llewellyn
1. Bloodborne 2– it’s obvious really. The best exclusive this generation and an incredibly exciting refresh to the action game genre. We… need… more.
2. A New Bethesda RPG – Fallout and Elder Scrolls are two of my favourite series. Now that the Witcher has come along and raised the bar for this genre, it’ll be interesting to see if Bethesda can step up to the plate and match or even top CD Projekt Red.
3. Mario Strikers – I love football (or soccer to some). It’s the best sport in the world. Every year we get Football Manager, Fifa and PES. This year I’d love something a little different and more arcadey. Mario Strikers Charged on Wii is one of my favourite games of all time, the art style is brilliant and the game is over the top competitive fun. Bring it back with online multiplayer, please.

Perfect World Prediction
4. Nintendo’s Virtual Console Overhaul – Imagine it. Every game in Nintendo’s back catalogue from NES to GameCube to GBA to Wii. All available on Switch. Redone controls, slightly enhanced graphics. Whatever pricing model it took, it would be a revelation. Advance wars? Here it is. Luigi’s Mansion? Boom. With a little help from Microsoft, maybe Banjo Kazooie comes home at last?

Wayne Littlewood
1. Horizon Zero Dawn 2– I’d love them to surprise us with a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel. Out of all the recent games, that’s the one that has had the most impact on me.
2. More LA Noire – Now Red Dead Redemption 2 is almost out, I’d love to see Rockstar hit us with an LA Noire type game. They did remaster it so it could happen.
3. DontNod’s next Life is Strange Instalment – I want them to surprise us with their Life is Strange game as they said were working on one. Deck Nine did Before the Storm but DontNod said they have their own. Whether it’s ready to release is another matter.

Perfect World Prediction
4. Elder Scrolls 6 – I think it’s going to be set in Hammerfell when it does finally show up. They have curved swords there, you know *wink*

1. Overwatch for Switch – Do I need to say more?
2. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – I’d like to see Capcom stick with MvCI and announce Season 2 content and add changes to make the game better.
3. Super Smash Bros for Switch – all characters & backgrounds from both the previous WiiU and 3DS versions must be included.

Perfect World Prediction
4. More Anniversary Collections – In a similar vein to the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection from Capcom, I’d like more companies to announce collective sets, for example, a complete Metal Gear Collection, an Onimusha collection or, the one I want most, Darkstalkers Collection.

1. Kingdom Hearts 3 – I’d like an actual, real, set-in-stone, freaking-give-it-to-us-already release date.
2. Devil May Cry 5 – Yes, please.
3. Final Fantasy 16 – I’m pretty much over FF15 now. I need something new!

Perfect World Prediction
4. Switch VR – I want to play Mario Kart in VR!!!!

Davey G
1. Halo 6 – announced with a return to following Master Chief for the majority of the story. Also, they surprise everyone by announcing it will release this fall.
2. Cyberpunk 2077 – The game finally breaks ground and shows gameplay, systems and what CD Projekt Red has been working on. They also announce that they are targeting a release window of late 2019.
3. Dino Crisis Remastered – Follows a similar vein and graphical style to the recent Resident Evil 7 reboot. Announced to launch early next year across all platforms.

Perfect World Prediction
4. Sleeping Dogs 2 – I have a real guilty pleasure for the criminally underrated Sleeping Dogs. I would love to see a sequel announced, set in mainland China, so I can finally set foot in Wei Shen’s shoes again and kick ass. Announced for all platforms, launching fall 2019.

Sergio Diaz
1. Smash Bros for Switch Dated – “….and it’s available at the end of August” The audience goes wild!
2. Final Fantasy 7 Update – I want to see some progress footage.
3. PS Now Library Update – I want changes implementing more recent games to compete with Gamepass.

Perfect World Prediction
4. PowerStone – I just want it brought back in some way


1. Zelda: Windwaker Remake on Switch – I’ve never really played a Zelda game but I absolutely love the art style for it. What better console to play it on than the Switch?
2. Fable 4 – Fable was one of the very first games I played and I fell in love with it.
3. Borderlands 3 – I’ve been waiting for it for so damn long! Loved the first 2 because there’s so much loot! I love looting in games…

Perfect World Prediction
4. Pokemon Snap for Switch – I thought it was such a unique game and never really seen anything like it since, and since there’s so many more Pokemon around, it would be amazing!

1. Black Ops 4– More concrete details and gameplay.
2. NeXtBox? – With all the PS5 rumours picking up, I’d like to hear what’s next for Xbox.
3. Surprise Me – I want them to surprise me with a killer announcement, that will me away.

Perfect World Prediction
4. Army of Two – I want a sequel/ reboot of Army of Two.

Chris M
1. Microsoft generating “buzz” – Let’s face it, on the software side of things Microsoft is lagging behind. This is their chance to put their best foot forward and regain some of the confidence that’s been lost among the consumer base. The most obvious way to do this is to show some fresh titles that people will want to play and are exclusive to the console that aren’t called Halo, Forza or Gears.
2. No mention of the “next” generation – Michael Patcher, long-time video game analyst recently spoke with VentureBeat at the Video Game Bar Association and mentioned that the next big trend in video games could be a move away from consoles. Patcher sees Amazon, Apple and Google as potentially the next big players in the shift to games as a service, and sees a huge untapped market of consumers who are locked out of the gaming market due to the costs associated with purchasing a console. While PS5 and the next Xbox are inevitabilities, it’s important for the big three to show that they’re committed to the current generation, and won’t force people to make an unnecessary upgrade until its necessary to do so.
3. Doom 2 – One of my favourite titles of recent memory was the refresh of the Doom series. It’d be nice to see a surprise reveal at this year’s E3.

Perfect World Prediction
4. At least one AVAILABLE NOW surprise from each of the big showcases – Who doesn’t love games that are announced as available now during the press conferences? Here’s hoping for a few of these surprises at E3 2018!

Varnell Harris
1. New Xbox exclusive– Don’t get me wrong, I love Xbox, but there were barely any exclusives shown during E3 2017. I just want that one exclusive that hypes me up and forces me to pay up on day one of release.
2. A “POP” moment – This may sound weird but the one thing that I want to come from E3 is a pop moment. I want something to be announced that gets everybody jumping out of their seats with a maximum hype level.
3. Fallout 76 – With the recent announcement of Fallout 76 I’m anticipated to see what route Bethesda decided to take the Fallout series. They claim that the newest edition is going to go in a new direction. There have been rumors that it’s going to be an online game so I’m looking forward to see what kind of game it really is.

Perfect World Prediction
4.Too Many – I know that these aren’t going to happen but the games that I would like to see are Left 4 Dead 3, any new MMO game to come to console, and Xbox VR.

Mike Ross
1. Xbox 360 Controller Backward compatibility- Ever since Microsoft announced one of the most important features that the green box now offers, yeah I’m talking about backward compatibility, I’ve been wishing, expecting, and even dreaming of the chance of being able to use my 360 controller on my beloved Xbox One S one day. I must admit I still prefer it over the Xbox One controller, although the Xbox One controller is better aesthetically.
2. Space Engineers Game Preview – The “space version of Minecraft” was announced for Xbox one a couple of years ago, when the ID@Xbox program didn’t have game preview titles yet. Every year the Xbox E3 Conference highlights some of the most important upcoming indie games and I cant think of a better moment for Space Engineers to announce a Game Preview release. June 2018 sounds perfect to me.
3. PSOne and PS2 Mini Consoles – if you have been paying attention, Nintendo’s mini systems were a pretty profitable move. Some rumors lately have been pointing to the possibility of a PlayStation Mini release. If this ever happens I better start saving, with hopefully a Playstation 2 Mini on the way too. I believe this is something that would sell extremely well, so….fingers crossed.

Perfect World Prediction
4. True CrossPlay across all Platforms – this one might be impossible, even in a perfect world. Sony’s biggest ace up their sleeve would be in danger if cross play between PlayStation and every other gaming platform ever happens. In case you’re still wondering why Sony hasn’t allowed this yet, the answer is, in my opinion, due to sales. Having the besting selling console wouldn’t be possible with cross play enabled.

And there you have it. In two weeks time, we’ll know if any of the team’s dreams came true and if any “perfect world” moments came to pass, fingers crossed.

I tell you what, since this is my article I’m going to throw one more at you; Microsoft, in a move to counter Sony’s Spiderman hype train, will have coughed up a whole lot of money to announce that Rocksteady’s long rumored Superman game is coming exclusively to Xbox One & Windows 10 (for 12 months anyway). Hey, if Shenmue 3 can happen, literally anything is possible.

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