Achievement Unlocked: ID@Xbox hits amazing milestones

Almost 5 years of ID@Xbox and it’s time to share some stats on the current state of the program. Overnight at GDC, it was announced some of the ID@Xbox program milestones achieved.

Key highlights include:

  • Almost 800 games launched from 477 studios around the world.
  • More than four billion hours of playing time on ID@Xbox games (that’s the equivalent of more than 450,0000 years!)
  • More than $1,000,000,000 of revenue generated

And remember, all this has been achieved in just five years! That’s impressive if you ask me.

Find below an official statement from Chris Charla.

Chris Charla, Director of ID@Xbox

“As ID@Xbox heads into its fifth year, GDC is an awesome time to reflect on how far the program has come. Xbox has long been an innovator in supporting independent development – from the early days of Xbox Live Arcade to our work today. At ID@Xbox, our goal is to enable both creativity in independent development and also provide the tools and platform for creators to succeed and continue their work. With nearly 800 games released to date from 477 studios around the world, and close to 2800 studios with Xbox One dev kits in hand, we’re stoked that ID@Xbox continues to be the vibrant, global home for independent game development.

It’s not just about the volume of releases though; since 2013, gamers have spent more than 4 billion hours – more than 450,000 years of time – playing ID@Xbox games and the program has generated more than one billion dollars in revenue on Xbox and Windows 10! All of this tells us that ID@Xbox has become a proven program for independent developers to find both creative and commercial success, which is incredibly rad.”

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