New Crash Bandicoot game coming as early as 2019

Following the overwhelming success of Crash Bandicoot: The N Sane Trilogy on Playstation 4, fans of the orange marsupial have been wondering what comes next. It seems we might not have to wait long for the answer, as new evidence has arisen that their could be a new game in the series coming as early as 2019. The same source also appears to reveal that the collection; which has sold at least 2.5 million copies, will not be remaining a Playstation exclusive title.


The rumor appears to be legit. It comes from the Official Licensing source Book Europe from DHX Brands. The excerpt pertaining to Crash comes from a marketing manager at UK based GB Eye. The Bandicoot is huge in the UK, the sales for the game were very impressive in this region. If you want to test the validity of the source the full book can be found here.


It will allegedly be launching on Nintendo Switch and PC this year. The source notably excludes any mention of the Xbox One, despite their being previous rumors about an Xbox One release. The Bandicoot and his nemesis are no stranger to Nintendo systems of course, Vicarious Visions; developer of N Sane Trilogy, actually developed exclusive Crash Bandicoot games for the Game Boy Advance. To further stoke the fires of rumor, twitter user detective bandicoot has been contacting retailers in order to find out more information. Their replies are very interesting. Thursday is Activion’s Q4 earnings call. These are usually accompanied with some small announcements for shareholder purposes, the rumor could be confirmed as early as then.

Hopefully Crash is back for good and we can finally get the Crash Team Racing remaster I’ve been desperately waiting for.

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