Playground Games Might Be Acquired Soon

The E3 rumor mill continues as it seems that Microsoft has either purchased or is in the process of acquiring Playground Games. The following image has been circling the web:

On May 29th Mr. Keith Ranger Dolliver was appointed as the new director of the company. The question now becomes: who is Mr. Dolliver and what makes him being appointed to director mean? Well, let’s see what was found out about him. He has been in the position of Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Business, and Corporate Development at Microsoft Corporation for years and it seems that he becomes director of companies Microsoft seemingly acquires. Unless it’s all coincidence, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Two interesting Microsoft acquisitions he served as a newly appointed director for are Rare and Lionhead Studios. The former struggling to maintain the hype of Sea Of Thieves and the latter most known for the popular Fable series. Also, if you look at that address, it belongs to Microsoft.

Who are Playground Games? They are the magnificent developers behind the uber popular and super gorgeous Forza Horizon Games. Interestingly enough, all their games have been released for Microsoft platforms only so many, like me, assumed they were already a first party studio.

What do you think? Will Microsoft acquire Playground Games? Is it long overdue? What took them so long? Let us know what you think. But, hey, this could all just be a coincidence.

My guess is that we’ll know more at E3 but until then make sure you always stick with The Loot Gaming for all your gaming news and reviews!

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