Sleep Tight Review

Sleep Tight review

Time to grab your dart gun and survive the night children! Bedtime is over in this Sleep Tight review for PC.

Everyone is afraid of monsters when we are little kids. But sometimes, you can’t just go and hide under the sheets when you hear the wind blowing or the floor cracking; sometimes you need to gather some bravery and face whatever it’s living among the shadows. But for how long without getting tired of daydreaming? Well, let’s find out in this Sleep Tight review!

Sleep Tight review

Sweet dreams are made of this

So the premise of this game is the perfect analogy of my daily routine. When the sun comes out, I do productive things. But when the night comes, I have to deal with my inner demons. Just kidding: I’m not productive at all. Sleep Tight works around this concept with the usual approach of a survival defense title, but here the difference lays in having to fight against cute monsters while playing as even cuter characters. Harmless and fun, just how I like my titles.

Sleep Tight review

As I said, we have to prepare our defenses as best as we can in order to not get pummeled by the lovely black creatures that will feast on the corpses of the fallen kids that weren’t able to survive a single night. Sorry, too much Lust for Darkness.

Perfect game for the whole family

Aesthetically, Sleep Tight looks like a game made for an animation film. Everything feels Pixar-esque and pretty, and this is one of those game that you shouldn’t be afraid of letting your kids play with. Its simplicity and charm are quite remarkable features, even if there are some issues that devaluate its final score.

Sleep Tight review

Music can get really repetitive as it never changes, and even if we see monsters change as we keep surviving night after night everything feels a little bit dull. Weapons don’t have a nice punch when shooting against foes, and these ones die with no satisfying sounds or effects. And that’s the worst part about Sleep Tight: it doesn’t take any risks at all. We are always in the same room, with the same layout, and the only thing that can be placed are turrets and couches working as fences. Nothing more, nothing else.

Rise but no shine

Sleep Tight is one of those games that you can only describe as a bag of chips: everybody can enjoy it, but it doesn’t offer anything more than just chips. The weapons are your average survival defense tools of destruction (shotguns, SMGs, Gatling guns,…), and the defenses are same old things as well. Monsters look fine, but they lack visual and acoustic feedback in order to make then stand out among other titles of the same genre. And yes, we can unlock new characters by playing the game, but the core gameplay will remain the same every single time.

Sleep Tight review

If you want to buy Sleep Tight, feel free to do it if you want to turn off your brain for a while. Great game if you don’t have anything to play with or if you have kids, but if you are looking for something else, you better search for it in another title.

Sleep Tight








Fun Factor



  • Short fun experience
  • Plenty of characters to unlock

Not Cool

  • Repetitive music
  • There's not much depth in any of the game mechanics
  • It doesn't stand out above other similar titles

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