Brighton announces the finalists of their 8th edition of Develop: Brighton

8th edition of Develop: Brighton

One of the most important developer conferences has decided their finalists after a hard time trying to pick 9 games out of 100 presented

Aaaah indies: offering love and passion to this crumbling industry we call “The Triple-A gaming industry”. This time, we have some good news for those who are eager to know some new faces in the world of indie dev. But first of all, you may be wondering something; what is Develop: Brighton?

8th edition of Develop: Brighton

Running from the 10th to the 12th of July, Develop: Brighton is one of the most important conferences for European developers. Running now on its 8th Edition, this Expo shows the world what new devs can offer to the world of gaming. This Indie Showcase highlights indie games selected by a judging panel of industry experts. The process takes into consideration graphics, gameplay, technical achievement, and originality. And of course,  you’ll be able to play there some of the 100 titles presented to contest. And trust me, after taking a look at the quality of former winners such as Gunpoint or That Dragon, Cancer, you know they are going to select some top-notch games.

Here are some of the titles that will be shown during Develop: Brighton as the finalists:

  • Growbot (PC)
  • This Dead Winter (PC)
  • Supermarket Shriek (PC and basically everything else)
  • Tanglewood (PC and no, I’m not kidding, SEGA Megadrive and SEGA Genesis)
  • What the Golf? (PC)
  • 3030 Deathwar Redux: A Space Odyssey (PC)
  • Fugl (PC and VR)
  • NeuroSlicers (PC)
  • HyperBrawl Tournament (PC)
  • Skybolt Zack (PC)

If you want to know more about this awesome Expo, be sure to check their official website. Support indie titles and creative people!

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