Miramar desert map announced in the PUBG Xbox One Spring Roadmap

Officially announced through PUBG’s Twitter (@pubattlegrounds) an exciting roadmap is now official. One of the most requested things, the addition of Miramar map, a desert playground full of dan...[Read More]

In Development – February’s Roundup

For the new edition of “In Development” I have a great selection of innovative concepts for you to try. I’m expanding my exploration to include early access android games, so you can...[Read More]

Hunt Showdown: Alpha Impressions

Well, this is a very interesting game that we have here. Hunt: Showdown is not a game like any other seen in the industry. This has been thrown around a lot recently with games like PlayerUnknown̵...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World Impressions

I take a look at Monster Hunter World and give my early impressions of the game as a first time player. The developers have done a great job so far.

Red Dead Redemption 2 release date confirmed!

Howdy partners, gaming gods Rockstar Games have finally revealed that the widely anticipated sequel to 2010’s Red Dead Redemption will release worldwide on October 26th 2018. On a post on their ...[Read More]

Sea Of Thieves Impressions

Lets set sail and dive in to Sea Of Thieves! Pull up the anchor, launch is approaching

5 Indie Games Currently in Development

Every year we’re seeing a dramatic increase in indie video games releases but this awesome news also come with a downside, a lot of great concepts are getting trampled by the rockslide of titles...[Read More]

Nintendo Labo: DIY Entertainment

Nintendo Labo is the brand new innovation to come to Nintendo Switch. After teasing a new way to play, the big N reminded us all that the Japanese company was once a toy manufacturer before becoming a...[Read More]

Rugby 18 Preview

Reviewed on Xbox One; also available on PlayStation 4 and PC.  I’m not going to pretend to be a Rugby pro, I’m not. I know just enough to get by, the basics. This was my first experie...[Read More]

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Preview

For a while Nintendo has been trying to enter the mobile market. After the success of Pokémon Go and Mario Run, the great N dares to adapt Animal Crossing. The game will officially be released in Nove...[Read More]

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