E3 2018: The Last of Us Part II trailer stars a grown up Ellie as the player’s character

How better to start your E3 2018 showcase than with a trailer for the sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time? You can’t do better. We opened with a man on stage playing a melody on a banjo, leading us straight into a very upbeat scenario. It featured Ellie with a group of survivors at a social event, one other survivor referred to Ellie’s ‘old man’, which we can assume means father figure, Joel. Our protagonist gets to enjoy a rare moment of joy in the deadly universe of The Last of Us, sharing a romantic embrace. This is cut short though as the trailer shifts us into gameplay.

Starting with a violent takedown, we see Ellie attempt to stealthily make her way through a group of very dangerous enemies. They have a variety of armaments, one, in particular, is a huge hulking brute with a sledgehammer whereas his companions carry firearms. Not only do we see the crafting system return, we also see what a truly brutal killer Ellie has morphed into. Once again the game shifts from this violence to a moment of joy, Ellie’s grin at the end of the trailer is a genuinely uplifting moment. This is The Last of Us and developer Naughty Dog’s trademarks are all over it. Not only is the game absolutely stunning but the animation is top drawer.

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