Everything we know about PS5 so far

I’ll open this article by reminding readers that this is all rumor and speculation. When it comes to PS5 everything is under non disclosure agreements. Infringing these not only leads to people losing jobs, it also leads to huge lawsuits that can destroy lives.

All sources remain 100% confidential therefore until official announcements arrive, the claims are impossible to verify.

Project Epsilon.

The rumors are really ramping up surrounding the Playstation 5. A variety of sources are making a variety of claims, some of which are very similar. Famed industry analyst Michael Pachter has claimed we won’t see the console until 2020, maybe 2019. The continuous record breaking success of PS4 would make the PS5’s entrance premature, why would Sony want to impact the PS4’s incredible momentum? One of the speculated reason is the narrative of power. It is undeniable that Microsoft currently have the most powerful console available to the retail market, Sony could want this title back.

Jason Schreier, an Editor at Kotaku with a great track record of reporting on leaks has had his say. The journalist has claimed that 2018 or 2019 are unlikely release years for the next iteration of the Playstation. The only thing that could change this would be the market shifting, such as Microsoft rushing the release of their next console. This seems unlikely as the Xbox One X only just launched in November 2017.

PS5 Controller PlayStation 5 Concept Designs by Julien Kervarrec 2

Then we move onto the larger pieces of evidence. Again these are all rumors, but the sources do have credibility.

The first source is Youtube personality Foxy Games UK. The man who correctly predicted several details about the PS4 Neo, the code phrase for PS4 Pro. Foxy gave several details in a series of Youtube videos which can be found on his channel here. Give him a like as appreciation for the info. These details were then reported by SemiAccurate.com. This website requires a paid subscription of $1000 and correctly reported on Nintendo and Nvidia working together on the Nintendo Switch hardware as well as the PS4 details. This website reporting near identical information as Foxy gives credit to the claims. Here’s the info:

  • AMD’s Navi as base architecture, GPU
  • Custom Ryzen CPU
  • Many devkits in the wild, CD Projekt Red and Rockstar North reportedly have these
  • VR technology built in to hardware
  • 16GB GDDR6
  • New Dualshock
  • At least 4 teraflops higher than the nearest competitor, therefore at least 10 TF
  • $400

Today a new twist was added to this information as documents concerning Project Epsilon circulated on Twitter. Via Twitter user @KillzoneRocks, an account which is now restricted, we have this picture:

This looks like some for of insider slideshow. However there is every chance this is fake. Firstly Epsilon is the fifth letter in the Greek alphabet which seems too literal for a codename. This seems to use other known information to appear legitimate. Backwards compatibility is an interesting aspect. As the PS5 appears to be running on AMD technology, just like PS4, backwards compatibility is an expectation rather than just a possibility. Something else all the rumors have in common is that a new First Party Studio has been set up. Again Foxy Games UK takes the lead on this. The game in development by this studio is apparently going to be absolutely mind-blowing. Holiday 2019 or financial year 2019, which ends in April 2020, is the timeline that the rumors seem to share. Personally I think this would be the right time for a reveal with a Holiday 2020 launch.


So there we have it. Every piece of credible information on the Sony Playstation 5. Nothing is set in stone except for one thing: I cannot wait to eventually get my hands on this console. As Xbox One X owners have recently experienced, getting a new console is one of gaming’s most special experiences. Until then there’s plenty to occupy ourselves with, such as great new Nintendo releases, non stop Battle Royale fun, Purple Dragons and Open World Sandboxes. Keep your eyes on thelootgaming.com for all of this and more.

Credit to PSHAX for the new Dualshock/Move mock up controllers. Credit to Gamingcentral.in for the PS5 mock up.

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