Sam Fisher Enters The Wildlands Today

Confirmed on Ubisoft’s official Twitter account (@ubisoft) two of Tom Clancy’s worlds collide today (10th April) as Sam Fisher will be appearing in Ghost Recon Wildlands in the form of the free Special Operations 1 update. Sam Fisher calls upon the Ghosts for help in infiltrating a heavily guarded camp to complete a mission.

The mission can be played either solo or co-op as you put you stealth skills to the test in this intense night mission. The mission is available up to May 2nd, you have until then to finish the mission to gain special unlocks such as Sam Fisher’s iconic night vision goggles.

As well as all this going on, Ubisoft have also announced that there will be a brand new assault class called Echelon for the PvP Ghost War mode, giving you access to all the fancy gadgetry available to the Fourth Echelon, this will be available for purchase with prestige points or as part of the year 2 pass. You will also be able to customise your character with special Splinter Cell Equipment Packs.

Don’t own Ghost Recon Wildlands? Don’t fret yourself, as Ubisoft have confirmed there will also be a free weekend across all platforms from 12th April until 15th April giving every one the opportunity to try out the Splinter Cell mission.

Special Operations 1 update is the first of many free updates year 2 will bring to Wildlands so keep an eye out in coming months for more awesome content.

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