PSX2017: God of War update from developer

God of War at PSX2017

During the panel at PSX, Corey Barlog has revealed more information regarding upcoming PS4 exclusive God of War. We already know from previous information shared that the game is not an open world adventure but that it would allow you to explore regions as you come across them on your way to the next checkpoint. With that being said, Corey has stated that God of War for the PS4 will be around 30 hours in length. You heard that right, around 30 hours, making this the longest God of War game in the series.

Corey also stated that they are coming along with development and that they are currently in the latter stages where testing comes in to play. While no release date was given, a recent oops on the PlayStation store has suggested a March 2018 release date. The date shown was a Thursday which would be a bit unusual in terms of game releases but in Norse Mythology, Thursday is named after the God of Thunder, Thor. This would be a first as far as I can remember of a game releasing on a “Thorday” but with the shift to Norse mythology and maybe a way to link everything together, there may be a first for me on picking up a game on a Thursday instead of the traditional Tuesday/Friday release dates.

Will you be picking up the 30 hour adventure of Kratos and Atreus? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new information in the comments below.

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