Sony is looking to hire Devs to work at Insomniac Games: Ratchet and Clank 2/Spider-Man 2 inbound?

Let’s be honest, we all know Spider-Man PS4 is getting a sequel. It has basically been confirmed by the language used by Insomniac employees. Ratchet and Clank was more of a worry though, that franchise has been quiet since 2016’s incredible entry in the franchise. Recently Colin Moriarty was quoted saying that we’d see more of Ratchet and Clank on PS4. Colin has a big history with PlayStation and Insomniac so it makes a lot of sense that he’d have insight on this topic. Combine this with a new job advert that popped up on LinkedIn and Jackofallcontrollers spotted and the recipe for a new Ratchet game comes together very nicely.

It would definitely be high on my most anticipated list and it’s something that I think makes a lot of sense, the franchise is beloved by the PlayStation fanbase. If you check out the job description it is very clear that, despite working inside the Insomniac studio, you would be a Sony/PlayStation employee.

Senior Audio Designer (Fixed Term Contract)
Onsite @ Insomniac Games

Fixed Term Employment is a new, at-will employment classification at Sony Interactive Entertainment (“SIE”). A Fixed Term Employee (“FXT employee”) is an SIE employee possessing a highly valued and/or specialized skillset unique to Sony PlayStation, who is hired under a fixed term contract for a minimum term of one year and maximum term of three years to perform work on one or more specific projects(s).

Burbank, CA

One thing is guaranteed then: Insomniac is working on a PlayStation exclusive. What will it be? With Sony dropping information out of the blue left, right and center I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

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