Amazon UK f*cks up 500 million Limited Edition PS4 Pro pre-orders, will be going again tomorrow

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I could have used many words in that title. It could have been screws up. It could have been messed up. It could have been error, mistake, mishap and so on and so forth. Only the swear word really epitomizes how monumental a blunder Amazon UK have performed today. The very Limited Edition PS4 Pro pictured; only 50,000 units are available worldwide, was supposed to be available for pre-order from 10am today from various retailers. This included Smyths, GAME, Shopto and more. It also included Amazon. Amazon decided to break the 10am street date and sell it a few hours early. Whether this was deliberate or some sort of administrative error we’ll never know. The important thing is anyone who thought they managed to get their pre-order, didn’t. Emails have been sent out to the few who thought they had gotten very lucky:

“We wanted to let you know we are unable to complete your Amazon UK Order for the PlayStation 4 500 Million Console. As a result, we’ve had to cancel it. We hope to be able to resume pre-orders for this product at 10am on Wednesday 15th August.”


In a way it could be a good thing. Amazon didn’t bother limiting their orders to one per person, meaning that this would have been a scalpers paradise. The Ebay listings for the product are already ridiculous, painting an issue with the entire situation. Of course it would be almost impossible for Sony to tackle scalpers, it’s an issue multiple industries from music to sports have suffered from for years. Hopefully this second chance allows Amazon to do it properly. Considering the US doesn’t have any information on their pre-order situation with the product then the UK are still at an advantage. GAME still have stock in stores and you can phone your local site to enquire about availability. If you missed out today, at least you know you’ll get a second chance tomorrow. Good luck!

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