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Gamescom: Desperados 3 Gets Trailer & Gameplay Shown

THQ Nordic took an opportunity at Gamescom to show off more gameplay for Desperados 3. The game is scheduled for a 2019 release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is a tactics game, real time gameplay, and set in western times. Player freedom in accomplishing missions was inspired by the first entry and, so, you have the option on how you want to tackle missions.

You’ll be able to control five Desperados and you can use stealth to take out enemies. Planning and executing your strategy cautiously will aid you in achieving victory. Wild West sceneries you’ll be playing on are deserts, towns, swamps, cities, and much more. If stealth isn’t your thing, you can be an agent of chaos and go with guns blazing. Whichever strategy you may want to try, you can also go for a non-lethal approach.

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