Halo: Master Chief Collection Xbox One X and Halo 6 update

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In October 2017, just before the launch of the Xbox One X, 343 studios announced they would be adding support for the new console to Halo: Master Chief Collection. They also announced that they would be improving the base game experience, 343 has apologized publicly in the past about the state of the game, especially the online matchmaking.

The developer has now posted an update about key areas being targeted for fixes and the progress made so far, they also state that they want to build a stronger relationship with fans using ‘transparency, honesty and consistency,’ throughout the updating process.

“We’re excited to officially kick off what will be an ongoing conversation with our community for the duration of this project. Today’s inaugural post will cover a few key items – how we’re thinking about MCC and the community, where the MCC project fits into 343 Industries, how the team plans to pull this off, and a quick look at some of the progress that’s already been made since last year’s announcement.”

Firstly the studio commits to regular development updates here which aim to keep fans informed and hint at a beta being released for the update. This is odd for a console, paid and released game but not uncommon with a lot of PC or preview games. The team tackling the MCC is ‘small but experienced.’ This will likely be series veteran developers familiar with the ins and outs of the legacy titles. The team is also separate from the core team, who are currently at work on ‘the next Halo FPS title’, most likely Halo 6. There is zero overlap or shared resources between these teams meaning no compromises to the development of the sixth game in Microsoft’s juggernaut franchise. Rather than moving resources from the main team, 343 is relying on external support for MCC.

The team encourages the community to come together to help them with suggestions and in return makes promises to involve the most prominent members in the game’s community with the testing process. The full development update can be found here, with a much more technical look at the changes being made so far.