Kingdom of Night Kickstarter has Vince DiCola as goal

Kingdom of Night Kickstarter

Time is running out, but goals are still coming! Rocky IV composer Vince DiCola appears as a goal on the Kingdom of Night Kickstarter.

Our friends from DANGEN Entertainment (also known as Devolver’s Japanese cousin) are filled to the brim with surprises. Not only they blew many people minds at PAX East, but now they are getting even more retro. And with their latest published title, they will surely bring up some old glories from the past. If people are eager to pay the price, of course. I’m talking about the newest goal on the Kingdom of Night Kickstarter: the one and only Vince DiCola.

Kingdom of Night Kickstarter

The child of Black Seven Studios wants to get the chance of getting the famous composer if they reach the goal of $40,000. if you don’t know DiCola here, he was the mind behind the Rocky IV soundtrack. Aside from that, he worked on other compositions like the ones on Staying Alive (1983) or the first animated Transformers: The Movie (1986). I don’t know about you, but if there’s someone who fits the best on an action RPG with an 80s setting, is this man. But what’s Kingdom of Night?

One night of 198X in the small town of Watford, Arizona, a satanic cult has unwittingly summoned the ancient evil Baphomet. John, awoken by the kidnapping of his neighbor Ophelia, sets out into the town to fight back against the demonic invasion. And if you need anything else, just take a look at the Kickstarter trailer:

There are less than 4 days left, so make sure you support this interesting title by reaching the Kickstarter page. And trust us: you should be excited about anything published by DANGEN. Why? Well, just take a look at our Devil Engine review and you’ll understand why. Or if this is not your jam, maybe VR and birds would make you happier.

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