Little Triangle Review

Reviewed on Xbox one; Also available on PlayStation 4.

So, let me start off with saying I usually like to completely finish a game before I review it for obvious reasons. But with Little Triangle, I physically and mentally couldn’t. Interested?


Little Triangle is a game that is easy to pick up and play, but extremely difficult to master. It is a 2D platformer with one main objective. Reach the end of the level. Run and jump. Simple. Yeah, not so much. Of course, there are things stopping you from reaching the end of the level. Whether that be enemies, lava or spike blocks this little party game really doesn’t go easy on you.

The game also gives you little objectives to do whilst completing these levels too; Collecting all the gems, uncovering hidden areas and also rescuing other Little Triangles from certain death! All whilst trying not to die yourself. Plenty to think about!

There are 2 difficulty levels you can choose at any time, casual and hardcore. Casual is the one that most people should stick to, that’s hard enough to get through. It generously gives you 3 lives to start with, with each checkpoint giving you one more life. The only difference hardcore brings into play is that it’s pretty much a one life run. Make that one mistake, and back you go to the last checkpoint you passed through. Although extremely difficult, it does give you something more to aim for. Finding casual too easy? Then jump on over to hardcore for a greater challenge. That’s okay, they have 2 separate saves.

It also offers a Daily or Weekly challenge to partake in to unlock some extra skins for your characters which was a nice feature. It makes all that anger and heartache sort of worth it as your character can look a little different. That’s how it works right? Right?!

The main ‘story’ mode (though there isn’t much of a story to talk about other than a short cutscene at the beginning to show the World being attacked by alien robots) features 3 worlds, Factory, Temple and Jungle, each consisting of around 10 levels and 2 boss battles. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust me, getting to that final World was a struggle. One that I almost gave up on.



Little Triangle features local multiplayer and co-op only, no online features which is a shame as I would’ve really liked to obliterate some complete strangers on Battle mode without feeling bad about it, but hey, at least it has some form of multiplayer, right?

The co-op is pretty self explanatory, you work together to progress through the levels. The battle mode is where it gets interesting. It’s essentially like a Battle Royale. With a simple aim, kill each other as many times as possible. Each player chooses a character to play as (over 60 skins to unlock in total) and then sets off to cause destruction. A small difference that is featured here and not in the main story though, you can pick up weapons to help you secure that victory. I found this to be an hilariously fun but also frustrating mode to play with up to 4 friends or family members.


Graphics & Sound

I really enjoyed the look of the games quirky and cartoony graphics. With every level full of different kinds of enemies to defeat and deadly objects to avoid it was definitely refreshing to not just see a generic ‘copied’ world. This way I was excited about what I was to see next, making the anger I felt of dying 30 times on the same level, not so bad as I could focus on other things. Of course, that only works for so long.



Music and sounds are a massive thing for me in games as they can completely alter your experience with a certain scene or level. For better, or for worse. For me, with Little Triangle it was unfortunately the latter.

The music at first was fine, it was the type of music I expected from a game like this. Sort of, epic, saving the world, battle music. Which was cool. But then I heard it, again and again, on a constant loop and it drove me insane, adding to the anger I was already feeling from not being able to beat a particular level.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the music isn’t the same piece of music throughout the entire game, but each level has a similar looped track, and I just got annoyed at It. Maybe that’s just me, maybe I’m just being picky.


Little Triangle has a great deal to offer, different game modes, difficulties and challenges all add to the mountain of tasks for you to actually say you finished this game, which by the way, I couldn’t. Couldn’t even come close. Varied level design makes this platformer feel fun and exciting with each new world you enter and if you are a fan of a games that offer challenging yet rewarding gameplay then I suggest you download Little Triangle right now and keep yourself occupied for the next 50 hours it will take you to come close to beating this game. Good luck.
Little Triangle is part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program which means if you purchase on Xbox One you can take the struggle with you on your laptop when you’re out and about.

Little Triangle









  • Fun, exciting gameplay
  • Varied level design
  • Local Co-op and multiplayer
  • Xbox Play Anywhere title

Not Cool

  • Looping music
  • No online multiplayer

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