Sun. Mar 24th, 2019

The Crew 2 Release Date Revealed

Ubisoft has revealed that The Crew 2 will release on June 29th 2018. By going to you can register to be a part of the Beta and pick your platform of choice; PC, PS4 or Xbox One. The game takes place in ‘Motornation’, an open world imagining of the entirety of the United States of America. As well as having four sets of vehicles; cars, bikes, boats and planes, the game features four varieties of events; street racing, off road, pro racing and freestyle. You are able to seamlessly switch between the four vehicle types at any time. As with all new releases there is multiple editions. The ‘Gold Edition’ of the game will include the season pass as well as some exclusive digital content. The main selling point of this edition will be that you can play the game three days earlier than others.


For more information on The Crew 2 as well as other big Ubisoft titles keep your eyes on

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