December Games With Gold Confirmed List

That’s right people we are coming close to yet another month end and that is the time we start looking forward to hearing the great words of “Games With Gold Confirmed”. I mean, if you check social media throughout the month you will find countless so called in the know rumours stating this game or that but the word CONFIRMED is what I look forward to seeing.

The list this month is certainly a good one with four massive games on offer. First up on December 1st on Xbox One we have;

Warhammer End Times Vermintide

Being a bit of a table top gaming fans myself this is certainly a great bit of news for me and a great looking game as well.

This is an online only title and requires Gold to play. Team up with up to 3 friends as you work together to think out the ratmen’s forces all and drive them out of the city. Hack, slash and bash your way to glory in this hack em slash em epic.

Next up from the December 16th through to January 15th we have;

Back To The Future – The Game 

My life is complete, one of my favourite films in a game, yes Back To The Future is our next game. For those that don’t really know what this is (surely not!). The game is based 6 months after Back to the Future 3, the DeLorean has mysteriously returns to Hill Valley out of the blue ….driverless! Now Marty McFly must go back in time to or else to space time continuum will be forever unraveled.

For Xbox 360, and available on Xbox One via backward compatility, we have two great looking titles. First up on December 1st we have ;

Child Of Eden 

Winner of 9 awards at E3 for innovative graphics, music and gameplay. Child Of Eden is the multi sensory shooter that will send players into a mind blowing explosion of sound and colour in what is a landmark experience from the creative thoughts of none other than Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

From December 16th to December 31st we have;

Marlow Briggs 

Marlow Briggs is basically a mega mash up of all action heroes and comic book heroes altogether in one big kick ass super soldier. Play your way through the levels in this over the top action shooter.

Well that’s your lot for this coming month and don’t forget there’s still time to pick up this month’s Games With Gold!

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