PUBG controller layout for the Xbox One

The infamous PUBG has released its controller scheme for the Xbox One ahead of its release date. After several months of early access on Steam, Player Unknown Battlegrounds is set to launch this week on Xbox One.

PUBG is a game built and intended for keyboard and mouse and while that may be so, it hasn’t stopped the desire of Brendan Greene to release his hit game on as many platforms as possible, starting with the Xbox One. To do this means some workarounds would need to take place. That they would have to find a way to get a controller that has limited sources of inputs to be able to handle a complex input scheme usually only seen on Keyboards. Microsoft has finally revealed how you will play PUBG on the Xbox One.


PUBG Controller 1

If you are accustomed to playing first or third person shooters with the controller then you will have no problem with the basic or primary controls. The way they were able to work around not having as many options available to them is by giving some buttons multiple duties. For instance, you will tap X in order to interact with an object or the environment and you will hold the X button in order to reload.

PUBG Controller

It’s the games inventory management that is where things get interesting. Here is where if you played on the PC you would know that a lot of the time is spent clicking and dragging items in and out of your inventory. With the Xbox One controller however, you will be using the D-pad and right/left bumpers for that instead. Of course as stated earlier, you will use X to interact (pick things up) with the items and use the Y button to discard them.

It seems this is about as good as it’s going to get for the control scheme. Although there is still likely the opportunity to use the Xbox Accessories app in order to maybe customize the layout a little bit more to your liking. Of course there is no official word on that just yet so we will just have to wait and see.

I’ve already picked up my copy using Gamers Club Unlocked at Best Buy. I normally wait for it to hit the digital store but since they are doing a digital code in a physical case it allowed me to take advantage of the 20% off you receive for buying physical. That was definitely a bonus to be had. Will you be picking this game up? How do you think they did with the layout of the controls? Cannot wait to read your responses in the comments down below.

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