Gamescom 2018: The Surge 2 gameplay preview

The Surge and I had a complex relationship. The ‘sci-fi Dark Souls’ action RPG launched in 2017 and was well received, particularly due to the stunning graphics and the unique parts targeting combat system. I even managed to platinum the game. However, I still felt let down. For everything The Surge did well it disappointed elsewhere. The world was disappointingly linear and bland, there was little enemy variety and there were only a total of five boss fights. I’m really glad Deck13 are getting a second go. A lot of time when you try something fresh it can be challenging to find your feet and The Surge definitely encountered those teething problems. However after seeing a gameplay demo, the much extended version of what was featured in the including trailer, I’m excited for what is being created at Deck13.


Let’s start with this guy. One of the aforementioned concerns were the lack of boss battles, according to Deck13’s Head of Game Design, Adam Hetenyi, there will be more bosses and each fight will be more unique and varied than ever before. How is this accomplished? A key focus of The Surge 2 is player experience. The limb targeting system has been enhanced, damaging this boss’ head makes it not only more vulnerable but more erratic and dangerous. Damaging an arm reduces its tendencies to melee attack. It makes battles more engaging, your play style could be perfect for a certain fight whereas a different fight could challenge you. It even adds depth to new game plus, which is unconfirmed but a certainty, as you might find an entirely different fight or strategy for the same enemy. The enemies also appeared more varied. One which way this occurs is in special equipment and mods that certain enemies possess. One enemy had a chest plate which allowed him to become invisible. Cut it off and you get access to a new mod for your own equipment. The same two enemies could be vastly different simply due to mods. Right away you can see how the improved enemy variety also invites deeper character customization. It’s an excellent cycle.


The second main issue with the first game was the story and setting. After an incredible start in which your character begins in a wheelchair before his exoskeleton gifts him the ability to walk again, the story faded. Near the end, there were a couple of interesting moments but it was far too late. The good news is the first game’s story isn’t required reading for the sequel. You’ll also be able to customize your character this time round. You’re no longer confined to a factory, you’re free to explore an expansive city which has been devastated by certain events in-game. The upgraded graphics engine makes this possible. Being set in this city means the environment can be much more flexible. The area showed in the demo was reminiscent of a park, lots of greenery, lots of water and lots of impressive visual effects such as light glistening off of the windows in far away buildings.


For more from Deck13, Focus Home Interactive and a ton of other titles, stick to The Surge 2 launches 2019. 

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