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What is Platinum Trophy Weekly?

It’s a currently look at the weekly sale for easy and/or quick platinum trophies. I see loads of sites covering the weekly sales and very few if any cover which games are on sale that one could pick up to pass the time on to get a platinum trophy. Myself being a trophy hunter, this is something I look for on not only the North American Store, but also the European and Japanese stores as well. This article will cover the North American store and if received well and demand is there I will add regions as they are requested. That being said, if you are from the EU or are interested in either the EU or Japanese markets for easier stackable platinums, let me know in the comments and I will make sure I start including them as well. Let’s just get into it shall we?

In the North American store the sales this week aren’t all that great. With that comes a dive in to the sales to see if we can find any games for a good price and an easy platinum. Below is the list of games I found, if you see that I missed some please do let me know as I don’t have the ability to know each and every one of them.

Nier: Automata $29.99 – While this certainly is not a quick platinum, it is certainly on the easier side. This should take you anywhere from 30-50 hours if you want to obtain it legitimately or if you are going to purchase trophies (a feature built in to this game), it will take you around 15-25 hours. For those of you who are interested in this click here for a complete platinum walk-through guide.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration $19.79 – Again, this is another one on the longer side but also on the easier side as well. This should take you around 40 hours to complete. For those interested in this title click here for a complete platinum walk-through guide.

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash $29.99 – It seems like these early on ones are more lengthy but easy to complete. This one should take anywhere from 26-35 hours to complete. If you are interested in this title then click here for a full platinum walk-through guide.

Lost Sphear $34.99 – This is another longer one but definitely easy to complete. This one will take a total of 36-50 hours to complete and a complete walk-through can be found by clicking here.

Life is Strange: Complete Season (PS3) $1.99 – This is one of the good ones as the PS3 and the PS4 versions are both on sale and count as separate platinum trophies. This one can be completed in 10-20 hours and is very easy to complete as all you need to do is complete the game and take a few optional photographs. The complete walk-through can be found by clicking here and its the same walk-through for the PS4 version which as mentioned before is on sale as well for $4.99 making this two platinum trophies for less than $10.00. Click the price if you are interested in picking up the PS4 version.

Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS4) $3.99 – This is a very underrated title in my opinion and also a very easy and stackable platinum with the PS3 version also on sale for $1.49. This again is another great chance to score 2 platinum trophies for just above $5.00. This game should take you around 6-8 hours and is a very enjoyable game. The guide for this game is also the same for both versions of the game and can be found by clicking here.

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Black the Fall $8.99 – This is an interesting indie game and one that I would recommend with or without a platinum. The best part is, it definitely has a platinum and can be earned in 1-3 hours. Simply follow the guide by clicking here and you’ll be on your way to an enjoyable experience and an easy platinum.

Lara Croft: GO $2.49 – This is a mobile type game that came to the PS4 and is very easy to obtain the platinum in. Coming in at around 2-6 hours, depending on the use of hints and walk-throughs. This can be played on the PS4 or the Vita whichever you prefer but only one platinum is obtainable. For a walk-through guide on this game, click here.

Hitman GO: Definitive Edition $1.99 – This is another game like the Lara Croft GO game but set with the look of a Hitman title. This will take around 3-4 hours to complete and the full platinum walk-through can be found by clicking here.

There you have it guys, this weeks platinum trophy sale. There were a total of 11 platinum trophies to be earned coming in at the total cost of $140.69. Now the more pricey ones might not be something you are interested in gameplay wise or for a platinum trophy due to the cost. This is where the cheaper titles really come in to play as you can snag a total of 7 platinums for $25.93. To me that is a heck of a deal and to boot they are all some pretty fun games. For those new to trophy hunting, I would recommend signing up for a free account at There you can track your trophy progress with the rest of the trophy hunting community and also look at ways to challenge yourself.

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Did you enjoy this new article from the site? Sound off in the comments below and whether or not you would like to see it include the European store as well on future installments. Until next week, good luck trophy hunting and feel free to hit me up on twitter for any questions you may have.