Dragon Ball FighterZ Bringing New Modes To Switch, Base Forms Get Trailers!

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Last week I covered the reveal of the next two fighters coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ , as well as some updated Nintendo Switch news and beta.

Well, Bandai Namco have since released an update of what’s to come with the hybrid console version of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

A long requested mode for FighterZ has been the implementation of 1v1 battles and it seems the creative minds at Bandai Namco and Arc System Works have been listening. No word if it’s a console exclusive or if it’ll be coming to all other versions but on September 28th when Dragon Ball FighterZ launches on Switch, it’ll have 1v1 and 2v2 battles. Also coming is offline 6-player party match mode. The 6-player party mode sees all 6 characters controlled by players in the traditional 3v3 manner as the normal game modes.

With the open beta coming in August, Bandai Namco has also shown their terribly short character trailers for base form Goku and Vegeta. There is a lot of attention to detail, tons of care crafted, into these forms and it’ll ease those worries that these were simple copy and paste variants of the Super Saiyan versions already in the game.

What do you think about all of this? Excited to play Dragon Ball FighterZ in the new modes? Ready for 1v1? 2v2? Comment down below and let us know if you’ve played the game before: did you like it? Hate it? Never played it but are curious? Check out our review! What are your thoughts on another form of Goku and Vegeta coming to the game? Remember to stick with The Loot Gaming for all your gaming news and reviews!