E3 2018: Playstation unveils SEVEN new PlayLink titles

The US Playstation Blog has used the anniversary of their PlayLink series to unveil a new line of upcoming titles. The series sees players connecting smartphones to their Playstation 4 to play a variety of games all with a mutliplayer, social aspect. From the Blog:

“Utilising your smartphone or tablet with the free companion app as the controller, PlayLink titles are designed specifically to bring friends and family together through social play, no matter what type of gamer they are.

Following the launch of That’s You!, Hidden Agenda, Knowledge is Power and Frantics, we’re now ready to tell you about the next batch of titles coming down the pipe. In addition to the already-announced interactive thriller Erica, we’ve got seven new titles in the works, offering a range of great multiplayer experiences.”

Just Deal With It!

A fresh twist on classic card games where you’ll compete against other using attacks and sabotage in order to win. Five games are iterated on here like Hearts, Rummy and Crazy Eights. Of course it wouldn’t be a card game without the big two, Poker and Blackjack both also included.

Knowledge is Power: Decades

Wish studios, the team behind the original Knowledge is Power and That’s You! are returning with another PlayLink title. This title will be similar to the original game but with brand new content that’ll take you through the generations. You’ll work your way through the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s as you try to reach the top of the Pyramid of Knowledge with an all new cast of eclectic characters.

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Four player Uno is coming to PlayLink! This will be the first licensed PlayLink title and should open the door to many more (monopoly makes so much sense… so do it!). Alongside the classic Uno experience, you’ll be able to customize ‘house rules’ in order to mix up the gameplay.


Ticket to Ride

A second licensed title coming to PlayLink. The classic train management game comes to your living rooms via a multiplayer smartphone experience. Compete against your friends by collecting a variety of train themed cards which allow you to take control of railway routes. Gather points by building long, connected routes and win the game!

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A “globe trotting word game.” Must be the first in that genre. The game will take you to several cities around the world which will feature mini-games where you’ll take on other players locally.

Melbits World

Last but not least is the title that won the Playstation Talents Game of the Year 2017 award! Melbits World is a puzzle platform with rhythm elements that will see you co-operate with friends to make your way your a series of challenging levels.

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There you have it. Seven more games added to the ever growing PlayLink franchise. Are you excited to fall out with your loved ones while competing in these? I am. But I’m more excited for The Last of Us Part II, and gameplay can be found right here. Stay tuned to thelootgaming.com for all your E3 2018 news!

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