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If you have ever wanted to be a train driver, or at least experience what it would be like, then Train Sim World Founder’s Edition is exactly what you have been looking for. You may recognize this from the CSX Heavy Haul or the Great Western version found on the steam store. This game puts you at the helm of a variety of real trains on a strict schedule through the Great Western Railways of the UK. On a side possible work, the promise of multiplayer in this sim I find pretty damn interesting.

Size: 5.93 GB,
Genre: Simulation/Strategy
Release date: 03/08/2018
Publisher: Dovetail Games
Price: $29.99
Reviewed on Xbox One S.

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The gameplay consists of wandering around train stations filled with clones and driving trains from one location to the next. Look at this ghost town!
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The cabins of the trains are realistic and intricate. The tutorials actually have you go through the process of going into a train, turning it on, adjusting headlights, etc until you have brought this heavy ass mechanical beast to life essentially.

Once your train is up and running your scenarios may vary. Your general goal is to make it through a complete route with stops to pick up passengers and swap freight trains for passenger trains. Along these routes, you need to maintain certain speeds throughout some sections called Markers. For example, if you chug through at 100 MPH in a 70 MPH zone, then you will get a game over screen. The beautifully rendered weather conditions keep the train ride fun having you forced to learn your brake and throttle levers intimately. My only complaint is that there is nothing much to do except to drive and enjoy the trains which are wondrous and all, but it would be nice to have a vending machine to buy collectibles or some kind of billboard to post messages until multiplayer gets worked into the fray…anything. Actually, another thing I have to mention is the time it takes to do things in Train Sim World, because it is a simulator I completely understand but literally driving for 10 straight minutes doing nothing became a bit of a drag if I view this as a gamer.

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Single Player

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As of right now there is no story in the game but a few scenarios that have you perform a variety of tasks to get yourself through the route. Train Sim World gives you points to level up but I have only found them to really raise your rank in the sim. There is no one to tell you what to do besides the objective guide that sometimes will tell you what to do to continue on to the next task of the scenario. There actually isn’t an NPC that you can really interact with inside the game. If you go into this consider this a full out simulator “game”. The best you can hope for is a long one-sided existential conversation as you in the train and beautiful scenery rushes by you.


The graphics look great at different times. Overall, it did feel immersive and nothing looked too bad. The inside of the trains where the invisible passengers you pick up roam could use a few more details. The cab looks great except for some of the smaller buttons. This forces you to use the tiny dot as a crosshair to interact with the different switches making it a bit annoying. As you travel and the buildings or fields rush by your window, it gives a beautiful blur effect that feels like you’re inside the train as seen in the gameplay video.

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I checked a few videos of people casual riding on the train and this almost feels just as realistic as the construction of the train cabins. The wheels grind on the rails and you can hear the train accelerating the engine to speed up. Braking is oddly satisfying. Screeching down right in time to safely make it passed a speed marker is great. Play some of your own music in the background on your preferred device to bypass the time.

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If you approach this a game you will have a small chance of really enjoying the game. If you want to literally drive a train from the safety of home, then this is more your game. The game feels authentic enough that I feel the developer is tricking people into buying what should be training software for the different train models available out there. I feel you should really consider what experience you want to have before jumping into the game.

Train Sim World: Founder's Edition

29.99 USD







Single player





  • Great Scenery
  • Authentic Sounds
  • Realistic Trains
  • Completing speed goals

Not Cool

  • Not much content yet
  • Passengers are robots or invisible
  • Not side activities to pursue

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